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An Interview With Golf Pro David Mobley.

Here's a great interview with David Mobley who talks about how he keeps up with the big dogs at 39. Talking about competing in tournaments such as the U.S. Open...
Q. How long have you been golfing for and what got you started?
    A: My older brother, Ronnie, started taking me with him when I was about 4 years old.
Q. What made you decide to do long drive competitions?
    A: Hamp Andrews was a long driver as well as a deacon in my church. I beat him in the long drive contest at the annual church tournament. He encouraged me to try the national championship and I have been hooked ever since.
Q. What are you currently ranked?
    A: # 2
Q. What kind of training do you do to improve your game?
    A: Mostly core and plyometric workouts. I hit a lot of practice balls to refine my techique and increase my speed through impact.
Q. Is technique or power more important?
    A: Techique is still the most important. I currently have the slowest club head speed of the top twenty, a good 5-7 mph behind the other hitters, but by keeping my body strong through the right conditioning and supplement program I am able to have the best technique in the sport.
Q. If someone is just getting into golf, would you suggest them buying the best clubs or paying for lessons?
    A: Paying for lessons and getting custom fit for golf clubs.
Q. What type of clubs do you use?
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Q. Do you think the golf ball makes a big difference and what type of ball do you use?
    A: Yes, the golf ball has made a tremendous difference in accuracy as well as distance. In competition we use the Pinnacle Extreme Distance golf balls.
Q. How does someone go about choosing golf clubs? What do you look for in clubs?
    A: When buying clubs a person should find clubs to fit their natural swing. That way they can develop a feel for the club they are swinging. I look for a driver that feels and sounds solid, not like a tin can at impact.
Q. Do you take any supplements?

    A: If so, what have given you the competitive advantage? Yes. The ones I use come from ISS Research. The Advantage Matrix shake mix, Therajoint and the daily vitamin pak have been staples in my supplement program for a few years. I really like the orange flavored Blast the most. It gets me going in the morning and makes all the differnce on the days I have to compete with the sustained energy boost I get.

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Q. What has been the hardest golf course you have ever played on?

Click here to see a map of all 18 holes at Pinehurst #2.
Q. What is your longest drive ever?
    A: 470 yards.
Q. Anything else you would like to share with
    A: With the demands of the sports of today and the sport specific training techniques that are out there we are able to push our bodies as far as our dreams can take us. But you cannot get there with just any dietary supplement program.

    I am 39 years old, well past my 'so called' prime. Yet I am able to compete and win against guys much younger because I am able to train as hard as they do. Do yourself a favor use the best products on the market as I do and live your dream as long as you can.

Q. Do you think the golf ball make a big difference and what type of ball do you use?
    A: See Above.
Q. What advice would you give someone trying to become a Long drive champion?
    A: Learn to be efficient in your training and your golf swing. You are trying to maximize you ability not your brute strength. Put your ego of the shelf and learn to Therajointhit the ball better not harder.
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