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2004 Olympia Weekend Preview!

Meet the top names in the industry at the booth.

Who Will Be At Our Booth?

Meet the top names in the industry at the They will be there all the time except Valentina won't be there much on Friday because she is competing in the Ms. Olympia contest.

The Olympia Results, Pics And More Are Now Online!
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The Women Of

Valentina Chepiga

Valentina took first place in the 2002 Ms. International & 2000 Ms. Olympia!

Learn More About Valentina.

Christina Lindley

Christina is an actress, model, dancer, and certified personal trainer!

Learn More About Christina.

Carmen Garcia

International Top Fitness Covermodel Carmen Garcia is a freelance health and fitness writer, competitor, motivator and ISSA certified personal trainer.

Learn More About Carmen.

Brenda Kelly

Brenda Kelly has been in dozens of magazines, commercials, tv shows, and she is a world re known fitness expert!

Learn More About Brenda.

The Men Of

Bob Cicherillo

Bob an IFBB professional and the 2000 NPC USA bodybuilding and super heavyweight and overall champion!

Learn More About Bob Cicherillo.

Idrise Ward-El

Idrise is an IFBB Professional Bodybuilder and has thirteen years of experience as a personal trainer.

Julien Greaux

Julien Greaux is originally from St. Barth, French West Indies. After 2 years in the business, I have worked with almost all the magazines, I also finished my own D.V.D training, I will promote it at the booth, you can mention this.

What Will Be Waiting For You?

Come by our booth and get free supplements, clothing, accessories and more!

The booth.

Throughout the weekend, we will be adding the following content to the site:

  • Videos - Expo walk around, the booths, athletes meeting, the shows (Ms. Olmpia, Ms. Fitness Olympia, Mr. Olympia).
  • Thousands of pictures from the expo and shows.
  • Pro interviews
  • Results within minutes of the show end.
  • And much more I can't tell you about now...

All of the above content will be added to the site as it happens!

About The Show

    Check out the schedule of events, how to get tickets and more here.

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The Olympia Results, Pics And More Are Now Online!
[ View The Coverage! ]