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The 2002 Olympia Expo. Pictures And Commentary:Page 7!

The 2003 Olympia Expo was the place to be if you wanted to meet your favorite bodybuilding and fitness stars, learn about the latest bodybuilding products, and receive tons of free gifts and samples!

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Ronnie Coleman flexed his bicep after the pre-judging.
Brenda Kelly looked great!
Nicole Rollolazo and Sherry Goggins had many male admirers.
Model Frank Sepe had many female admirers.
Why is the Muscle Elegance booth always so popular? Hmm...
Lena Johannesen looked great in person!
The expo was moved to a different area, but it was as big as ever!
Could Markus Ruhl possibly get any freakin' wider?!
After pre-judging, Dennis James talked with Charles Glass.
Many fans were excited to meet Shawn Ray in person!
Lauren Powers and Carmen Garcia were in the booth.
Nasser El Sonbaty was hacking into the mainframe!
Garrett Downing is a really nice guy.
The MMUSA girls had the Vegas Showgirl look going this year.
Bob Chicerillo wasn't competing but he was there to meet his fans.
Steve Blechman of Muscular Development was checking out Valentino's guns.
The Hulk, Lou Ferrigno was in the Flex booth.
King Kamali usually has the best posing routine, but he sat this Olympia out.
Craig Titus was upset that Kelly Ryan didn't win the Fitness Olympia, but he was still in a good mood for the fans.
The entrance to the Olympia expo.
Watch out for Toney Freeman in the near future!
Vince Taylor is still as huge as ever.
Dude, Chris Cook is large and in charge.
Tommi Thorvildsen met with fans.
Nancy Smith and Nasser were in the Nuclear Nutrition booth.
I was excited to meet Jeff Everson from Planet Muscle!
After the expo, everything was torn down quickly.
Kelly Ryan was a hit in the Cytodyne booth!
Dina Al-Sabah in her banquet dress by Merry Christine.
Dina got fifth this year!
All I can say is... Wow!
Dina lost round 2 by only 4 points!

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