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The 2002 Olympia Expo. Pictures And Commentary:Page 4!

The 2003 Olympia Expo was the place to be if you wanted to meet your favorite bodybuilding and fitness stars, learn about the latest bodybuilding products, and receive tons of free gifts and samples!

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Idrise Ward-El is one of the nicest bodybuilders ever.
Trevor and Nancy Smith (left) from Nuclear Nutrition are awesome!
Many buff people tried to pick up this thick 100 pound block.
This is the only guy I saw that could actually do it... and he made it look easy.
Victor Martinez was in the MD booth.
Nasser El Sonbaty meets with a fan.
The VPX girls... oh yeah. A special THANKS to VPX.
Colette Nelson was hangin' in the Scitec booth.
Another shot of the huge arms of Gregg Valentino. Are they real?
They were painting hot girls in the Jan Tana booth!

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