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2003 Olympia Bikini Picture & Video Coverage! Who Should Have Won?

Check out quality pics from the 2003 Ms. Bikini Olympia contest. Who won, who do you think should have won? Pictures and video included!

Videos AND Pictures You WON'T Find Anywhere Else!

This year was the first annual Ms. Bikini Olympia! It was held in the Olympia Expo area and had attracted quite a large crowd! The top 3 finishers each had their name called out at the end, and the crowd cheered their favorites. Do you agree with the final placings? Vote in our poll below!

You Be The Judge!

The Winners

Top Three!

3rd Place Winner

2nd Place Winner

1st Place Winner

Other Contestants

Video Coverage

Ms. Bikini Olympia Contest.

More Ms. Bikini Olympia...
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The Poll

What Do You Think Should Have Won The Ms. Bikini Olympia Contest?
3rd Place - BLUE BIKINI

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