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The 2002 Olympia Expo. Pictures And Commentary:Page 4!

The 2002 Olympia Expo was the place to be if you wanted to meet your favorite bodybuilding and fitness stars, learn about the latest bodybuilding products, and receive tons of free gifts and samples!

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The Scitec Nutrition booth had fitness stars to spare!
Scitec was giving out samples of their awesome Protein DeLite!

The ISS guys let people find out for themselves how great their proteins taste!
Recognize him from the Universal Nutrition ads?

We were lucky to have Jay Cutler signing autographs right across from us!
Dave Draper and Rosemary Jennings discuss writing for

Aaron Baker signed autographs in the Dorian Yates Approved booth!
Writer Rebecca Lee got a leg workout the whole weekend!

Cover model Frank Sepe had girls taking pictures of him all weekend.
Caleb Stone (Par Deus) from Avant Labs with me, Ryan DeLuca.

The best looking bunch at the Olympia: Cathy Priest, Brenda Kelly, Rosemary Jennings, Carmen Garcia and Troy Alves.
Troy talks with Russ DeLuca, while the girls look on.

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