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2002 Olympia Weekend Pics And Commentary: Page 3.

The 2002 Olympia Expo was the place to be if you wanted to meet your favorite bodybuilding and fitness stars, learn about the latest bodybuilding products, and receive tons of free gifts and samples!

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Laurie Vaniman (right) looking great in the MRM booth.
Now that Lenda Murray made a comeback, is it time for Dorian Yates also?

Vince Taylor helping fans in the Pinnacle booth. writer Todd Opheim with his girlfriend and Bryna DeLuca.

Patrick Arnold (right), the creator of 1-AD and the owner of Ergopharm.
Yaxeni Oriquen in the Ultra Labs booth was looking totally buff!

Strongman Bill Kazmeier looking for a few 200 pound guys to snap in half.
The MHP booth was packed the whole weekend!

Jenny Worth placed 3rd in the Fitness Olympia.
After I took this pic, I ran and hid under the nearest table!

Brenda Kelly, Carmen Garcia and Rosemary Jennings. Oh baby!
Troy Alves and Valentina Chepiga had fans visited our booth all weekend!

Troy and Rosemary compare lat spreads!
Dave Draper and Carmen Garcia.

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