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2001 Mr. Olympia Review: Page 3!

The 2001 Mr. Olympia was an awesome experience for everybody who was there. The contest was exciting as promised and the expo was packed with fitness babes, free supplement samples and shirts, and bodybuilding pros.

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You don't see somebody like this everyday! JoAnna Thomas, the 2001 Jan Tana Classic, Lightweight, Overall winner was ripped to the bone!

Behind our booth was MHP. Here is the awesome Gerard Dente, the owner of MHP. They are getting very popular!

Darin from wanted me to personally thank the HDT owners for being at the expo this year and bringing friends. We hope Darin's girlfriend doesn't see this page! (He was a good boy... I swear!)

I was personally excited to meet Kevin from ISS Research. The ISS guys were so excited about Jay Cutler's placing, they honestly had goose bumps when they found out!

Jan Tana was busy promoting her popular line of tanning products. She is a very popular face around these events!

Kim Chizevsky was also there to talk to fans. She is moving up the fitness ranks!

King Kamali and Garrett Downing signing autographs. King may be controversial, but he is very kind to his fans. His posing routine was by far the best this year! The crowd was really behind him.

Russ DeLuca and Lee Priest visit with fans. Tom Platz is in the background selling some cool t-shirts.

Lou Ferrigno was looking as hulking as ever while visiting with fans. Aaron Maddron and his gorgeous wife stopped by the booth.

Bryna DeLuca and the ripped and huge IFBB Pro Costas Voniatis!

The girls of MHP. Thankfully, they were close to our booth too.

I wish some of the girls at the expo would give me some training tips!

Tom and Cha Platz were happy to give leg training advice to anybody who asked.

The Prolab booth looked great!

Robby Robinson was right across the aisle from us. Roland Kickinger was always available for pictures and autographs.

Russ and Cathy discuss dieting. Could she be competing again soon? Stay tuned to!

The SciFit guys were very knowledgeable. They helped a lot of people find the right supplements to meet their personal goals.

Sharon Bruneau was looking great. Shawn Ray placed 4th this year! The crowd around him was huge!

Sherry Gideons, Darin, and Bryna posedown. Sherry is one of the nicest people you will ever meet. Look forward to MANY more articles from her for women here on! She will also be competing in the IFBB Figure competitions!

That's it, Joey Rodrigues (from Syntrax). Nobody messes with my woman... I don't care if you are a model. Let's take this outside! =)

Tiffany from Universal Nutrition with Bryna. The Universal booth looked amazing!

Valentina Chepiga was de-throned as Ms. Olympia this year, but you can bet she will be back next year looking better than ever!

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