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2001 Mr. Olympia Review: Page 2!

The 2001 Mr. Olympia was an awesome experience for everybody who was there. The contest was exciting as promised and the expo was packed with fitness babes, free supplement samples and shirts, and bodybuilding pros.

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The girls at the ABB booth were great! They were giving out many free samples.

We were lucky enough to catch female pro Andrulla Blanchette climbing the wall at a nearby arcade! She made it up the wall very quickly and impressed onlookers.

The day before Andrulla was signing autographs in her booth.

Everywhere you looked was a familiar looking buff dude or gal. It was a freak show!

Russ DeLuca and Sherry Gideons explain how became the #1 most visited bodybuilding site in the world to a curious visitor.

Bryna DeLuca spent time guarding the booth from our competitors. She also spent some time talking to Cha, Tom Platz's very cool wife.

Luckily for us, the girls in the Champion booth were right across from us the whole weekend!

Cathy and Lee Priest posing for a photo. The booth was jammed the whole weekend with excited people from all over the world.

Here is Derek Cornelius, the supplement genius behind Syntrax!

A lot of people were excited to sample the new liquid creatine by DimaXx. Proven to be stable and you can FEEL the pump within a few hours even if you aren't working out!

Dorian Yates was busy showing his approval for his line of quality supplements. Some lucky fans got an autograph from him too!

Flex Wheeler was not competing this year, but he was looking huge in the ErgoPharm booth meeting with fans and friends.

Jeremy DeLuca gives Lee Priest some tricep training advice.

Cathy Priest has a huge fan base all by herself. One of the best looking female bodybuilders on the planet. Her new dark hair color was a big hit!

Lee and Cathy Priest found that the King is still alive!

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