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An Interview With 2007 NPC Nationals Fitness Competitor Sandi Stuart.

An interview with 2007 NPC Nationals competitor Sandi Stuart - Learn more about her background, training, and more as she prepares for the 2007 NPC Nationals. Check it out!

Questions For 2007 NPC Nationals Fitness Competitor Sandi Stuart

[ Q ] Please introduce yourself (name, occupation, how long bodybuilding & competing, best placings, etc.). Also please send a photo or two if you have one.

    Name: Sandi Stuart
    Occupation: ER doctor
    Competing For: 3 years
    Best Placings:

      1st place 2005 Junior Nationals Fitness Tall
      4th place in Team U '06, NPC Nationals '07, and Team U '07
      (hey... at least I'm consistent!)

Sandi Stuart
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Sandi Stuart.

[ Q ] Will you try something different in the days leading into the show in comparison to what you have done in the past? If so what? And do you feel you are taking a risk of the new strategy backfiring?

    I let my trainer, Jeremy Minihan, dictate the final carb/water manipulations. In general, though, we have found that my body tends to tighten up as I drink MORE water and load with fibrous carbs. Every show is a little bit different, but those are the basic principles.

Sandi Stuart
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Sandi Stuart.

[ Q ] Is this show a team effort or have you prepared by yourself?

    Actually, I wasn't even planning on competing for this show. I had PLANNED to take a break after Team Universe, but my gymnastics coach Jay Mitchell, my choreographer Kevin Creegan, and my husband convinced me that was NOT a good idea.

    Jay told me that I was in the best "tumbling shape" of my life and that he thought an extended hiatus would be a mistake. Kevin actually SPONSORED my routine in order to get me to compete again. Jeremy Minihan has been my trainer ever since December 2005, and I certainly could not get ready for a show without his help.

Sandi Stuart
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Sandi Stuart.

[ Q ] Who do you see as your main competition and why?

    For me, I find I am a lot happier if I can take the focus off "winning" and find enjoyment in the process of competing. I love mastering new routine skills, and I try to bring a little something different to the stage every time I compete.

    Often times, I think people lose perspective that this is a hobby and is supposed to be FUN. Sure, I like to win just as much as the next person, but I have learned to focus on the things I can control (my physique and routine) rather than on things I cannot (a placing or judges' opinions).

Sandi Stuart
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Sandi Stuart.

[ Q ] What is the strangest strategy you have practiced in preparation for the 2007 Nationals?

    The "strangest" strategy has been keeping my prep a secret. I spent most of this prep covered up in the gym and not mentioning to anyone other than my closest friends that I was getting ready for a show. Mentally, it made it a LOT easier for me just to do what I needed to do without having to endlessly discuss my prep/diet/training. Of course, there reaches a point when my face becomes gaunt and it is obvious...

Sandi Stuart
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Sandi Stuart.

[ Q ] What supplements have been most beneficial for you contest preparation?

    Strangely enough, what has helped me the most is taking 2 baby aspirin with a cup of black coffee before my am cardio! That gives me just enough thermogenic effect on an empty stomach without making me feel sick. I also love Dymatize Elite Whey; it's one of the only whey isolates that doesn't upset my stomach.

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[ Q ] Have you cheated on your diet? If so, how did you cheat?

    I dieted for a much shorter period of time for this show since I stayed lean in the offseason and actually took off some muscle. So, there was absolutely no excuse or room for me to cheat on my diet this prep at all!!!

Sandy Stuart Sandy Stuart
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Sandy Competing Onstage.

[ Q ] What has been your main focus of motivation to be the best you can be come November 16th?

    My main source of motivation has been in trying to improve from show to show. I always try to set goals that are within my control to accomplish, as the judging is subjective. For this particular show, my main focus has been on having fun with my routine performance (rather than being hypercritical or getting bogged down in being 'perfect').

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