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An Interview With 2007 NPC Nationals Competitor Dave Candy.

An interview with 2007 NPC Nationals competitor Dave Candy - Learn more about his background, training, and more as he prepares for the 2007 NPC Nationals. Check it out!

Questions For 2007 NPC Nationals Competitor Dave Candy

[ Q ] Please introduce yourself (name, occupation, how long bodybuilding & competing, best placings, etc.). Also please send a photo or two if you have one.

    My name is Dave Candy. I am currently a student finishing my Doctor of Physical Therapy degree for an April 2008 graduation date. I am also a Certified Athletic Trainer and hope to work in an orthopedic/sports medicine physical therapy clinic when I graduate.

    I have been competing in bodybuilding since 2003. Some of my highlight placings have included winning the 2004 Bantamweight class at the NPC Jr. Nationals, Placing 2nd at Bantamweight at the 2005 Nationals, 3rd at lightweight at the 2006 Nationals, and 2nd at bantamweight at the 2007 USA Championships.

Dave Candy
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Dave Candy.

[ Q ] Will you try something different in the days leading into the show in comparison to what you have done in the past? If so what? And do you feel you are taking a risk of the new strategy backfiring?

    I made a lot of changes to my final weeks prep for the 2007 USA's and I was happy with how that worked out; so it will be a little less stressful this time because I'm sticking with a method that has worked for me before.

[ Q ] Is this show a team effort or have you prepared by yourself?

    It is definitely a team effort. I do most of the hard work of course, but you have to have a support system. My parents and my girlfriend Alison have been very supportive of my efforts, and that really helps to stay motivated.

    I also have been getting training advice via phone and internet from my "trainer" Jeremy Minihan of Oklahoma City. We've only met face to face a few times, but he's really helped me bring up my glutes and hamstrings over the past year. Finally, I'd like to thank my sponsor 4EverFit for providing me with quality supplements to help fuel my training.

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Dave Candy.

[ Q ] Who do you see as your main competition and why?

    I don't really know. My goal at every show I enter is to win my weight class, but I can't control how others are going to look, so I just focus on getting myself in the best shape possible.

[ Q ] What is the strangest strategy you have practiced in preparation for the 2007 Nationals?

[ Q ] Have you cheated on your diet? If so, how did you cheat?

[ Q ] What has been your main focus of motivation to be the best you can be come November 16th?

    I've got kind of an all or none personality. I figure if something's worth doing at all, then why not go at it 100%, that's my motivation.

[ Q ] What supplements have been most beneficial for you contest preparation?

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