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An Interview With 2007 NPC Nationals Competitor Joshua Fred.

An interview with NPC Nationals competitor Joshua Fred - Learn more about his background, training, and more as he continues his quest for a pro card. Check it out!

Questions For 2007 NPC Nationals Competitor Joshua Fred

[ Q ] Please introduce yourself (name, occupation, how long bodybuilding & competing, best placings, etc.). Also please send a photo or two if you have one.

    My name is Joshua Fred. My wife and I own two Fitness Centers in Puerto Rico. I have been in bodybuilding for about 16 years and competing for 9 years. My best placing was at the 2005 NPC Nationals where I placed 5th as a middleweight.

Joshua Fred
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Joshua Fred.

[ Q ] Will you try something different in the days leading into the show in comparison to what you have done in the past? If so what? And do you feel you are taking a risk of the new strategy backfiring?

    Well I guess I'm not taking any risks at this point. And I can't tell you if there is going to be anything different because it all depends on the opinion of my trainer; so I wait for him to make the changes. He does this every week but since I'm doing the light heavy division everything is going to be different than my last show in 2005.

[ Q ] Is this show a team effort or have you prepared by yourself?

    It is a team effort. I have been training under the supervision of IFBB Pro George Farah.

[ Q ] Who do you see as your main competition and why?

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Peter Putnam.

[ Q ] What is the strangest strategy you have practiced in preparation for the 2007 Nationals?

    Well I think for me it is the weight. I have been able to handle more weight and do more reps than ever before.

[ Q ] Have you cheated on your diet? If so, how did you cheat?

[ Q ] What has been your main focus of motivation to be the best you can be come November 16th?

    After the 2005 Nationals George told me to take 2006 off and gain 10 pounds of muscle in order to win the light-heavyweight class. I gained 22 pounds instead. In regards to the magazines - Peter has been on every single magazine in the country and I haven't had the opportunity to be in one. I'm killing myself to be the best onstage this year and I can guarantee you that I will be the best! P.S: If you don't know, Peter is working with George too. Interesting isn't it!

Joshua Fred
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Joshua Fred.

[ Q ] What supplements have been most beneficial for you contest preparation?

    I think this year George has given me casein protein in my last meal; that is keeping me full all night so now I don't wake up in the middle of the night thinking about food.

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