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Uncensored Secrets Podcast: Nino Savona, The 'No Excuse' Natural Bodybuilder.

Nino Savona is an inspirational natural bodybuilder who has overcome a physical handicap requiring him to permanently use crutches. Despite the odds, Nino trains, competes, & wins bodybuilding contests! Tune into this podcast to hear his amazing story!

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"You can do anything you set your mind to!"

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November 17, 2006; 24:32 minutes; 5.61 MB  audio

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About This Episode

Nino Savona: The 'No Excuse' Natural Bodybuilder

Nino Savona - A Man On A Mission!

    From time to time, I'll let you know about an inspirational or motivational person that I find. Nino Savona is a man on a mission to spread the word.

    What's the word? You can do anything you set your mind to!

    Nino isn't:

    Nino is:

    • Driven
    • Passionate
    • Focused
    • Persistent
    • Positive

    All qualities we all can have... if we choose. After you read over Nino's story, you simply have to ask yourself, "Why can't I do this?" Well, guess what... You can!

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Nino Has Overcome Phenomenal Odds!
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    Nino Savona is giving away the real secret to bodybuilding or getting in shape and pretty much the keys to success:

    1. Hard Work
    2. No Excuses
    3. Persistence
    4. Determination
    5. Passion

    After reading his blog, his bio and his story, this guy isn't doing anything extreme. He's not making rocket science out of bodybuilding. He's proving just how simple getting in shape can be if you just stick with it and are passionate about it!

    You'll notice that his positive energy and attitude have gained a lot of respect from fellow gym members as well as some top-notch trainers interested in him. Just for the record, Nino competes in bodybuilding competitions!

    Don't wait to read his story. It's one that proves we can do this - you can do it no matter what your abilities or limitations might be. There is a way to acheive what you want.

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