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How Rap Superstar Nelly Keeps In Great Shape On The Road - Video Interview

ZizZazz Explosive Energy drinks has provided you exclusive backstage access to the rap star Nelly, so we could ask him about his new album Brass Knuckles, and about his exercise regime that brought his physique international attention.

How Does Rap Superstar Nelly Keep In Great Shape On The Road?

Rap Superstar Nelly has gained a lot of media attention as of recent. Not only because of the success of his latest album Brass Knuckles, but also because of the ripped physique he has on display of the cover!

Due to overwhelming requests, tracked down the Superstar to find out exactly how he got in such incredible shape. Find out what Nelly had to say in this exclusive backstage interview from the ZizZazz after party!

Nelly Video Interview!
Watch The Video - 10:00

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