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John Hansen's Natural Bodybuilding Radio: Champion Of The Golden Era Bob Gallucci!

Learn all about lifetime drug-free bodybuilder Bob Gallucci from the Golden Era of Bodybuilding - back when natural bodybuilding didn't exist yet!

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Welcome to John Hansen's Natural Bodybuilding Radio podcast series. This week, your radio host John Hansen interviews Natural Bodybuilding Champion Bob Gallucci! Listen in to this great radio interview and learn about the "Golden Era"!

Bob Galluci Bob Galluci
Golden Era Bodybuilder Bob Gallucci!

Natural Bodybuilding Champion Bob Gallucci joins host John Hansen to discuss his long, successful career; beginning with "Mr. Teen America" competitions in the late 1960s to his Natural America titles in the early '80s.

Bob was 'natural' at a time when "natural wasn't cool"; and certainly before modern "nutrition and sports science" was born. What was his workout; what did he eat? It's a fascinating interview with one of our favorites!

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John Hansen:
Bob Gallucci Interview!

Golden Era Champion!

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