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Nancy Di Nino's 2007 Olympia Review.

The weekend was so action packed with the various events going on and we must thank and the Chapman Media Group for providing a webcast... Get an energetic review of a very successful Olympia Weekend!

What I love about the Olympia each year is the "positive energy" that is shared among one another. On and off stage, from the competitors, your favorite fitness icons, industry leaders to the fans, everyone is consumed with such an inspired feeling of happiness, all stemming from their love for fitness and health.

The weekend was so action packed with the various events going on and we must thank and the Chapman Media Group for providing a webcast that allows you to share the experience right from home, no matter where you live in the world.

-> Thursday:

    Thursday started with the mid day Press Conference hosted by our main men Bob Cicherillo and Dan Solomon, the voices of Pro Bodybuilding Weekly and these two had no problem instigating a little competitor rivalry, which proved to be quite amusing for the press and those in attendance.

Bob Cicherillo & Dan Solomon.
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    Bob is always known for his settle but quick and witty comments and Dan with his abrupt but diplomatic approach. What a perfect way to start the battle between competitors and to find out who really could bring it on! Later that evening fans lined for hours awaiting the start of the 'Meet the Olympians'.

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Ronnie Coleman & Victor Martinez At 'Meet The Olympians.'
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-> Friday:

    Friday kicked off day 1 of the expo whereby the women's bodybuilding, fitness and figure prejudging took place. It was so great to see the number of women that qualified this year. I was busy keeping note of the top contenders for my evening webcast commentary, and then headed back to the booth to join the team.

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Nancy Di Nino.

    Of course the booth was one of the fan favorites with all the free product give-aways and favorite athletes and models their signing autographed photos etc. I do want to thank all those who can out to see me at the booth. It means so much to me and I am glad that I can be such a source of inspiration in your lives! Dr. Navarro and I would also like to thank all the fans of Living Beautiful Radio who came out to meet us personally. We love hearing your feedback and be sure to wear those t-shirts!

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    Here's a quick video clip of me at the booth!

Nancy Di Nino Dancing At The Expo Booth.

Everyone anxiously awaited for Friday evening for the Men's pre judging with the majority placing their bets on the battle between defending Mr. Olympia champion Jay Cutler and former 8 time Mr. Olympia, the one and only Ronnie Coleman, but much to everyone's surprise the contest clearly was a battle between Jay and Victor Martinez who were both hungry for the Sandow trophy! Ronnie was evidently not at the top of his game leaving the door wide open for Jay and Victor.

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Jay Cutler & Ronnie Coleman.
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The webcast replay of this event was hosted by non-other than the voice of Professional Bodybuilding Dan Solomon along with trainer of champions Charles Glass. Following was the women's finals whereby the ladies took over with me and the wonderful Elaine Goodlad as your commentary hosts.

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Charles Glass.
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It was nice to see Jenny Lynn take the figure title putting the 2nd one under her belt. She was clearly the winner in my eyes, having the best overall package. Gina Aliotti took 2nd place and Sonia Adcock took 3rd.

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Jenny Lynn, Gina Aliotti & Sonia Adcock.
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I was quite surprised that the industries leading fitness icon Monica Brant did not manage to place top 3, nor top 5. Monica seems to always slip through the cracks of getting the placing she deserves. Val Waugaman was another surprise. Most probably would have anticipated her to be in the top 5 as well given her 2 recent wins, however, Val came in less than what she is most apt to presenting on stage with a much softer package which clearly indicated she was not at the top of her game.

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Valerie Waugaman.
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The women's bodybuilding was dominated once again by Iris Kyle taking her 4th Ms. Olympia title. At the heels of Iris was Dayana Cadeau in 2nd and Yaxeni Oriquen in 3rd. My personal favorite for the women's bodybuilding was Lisa Aukland. Lisa has made considerable improvements this year to her physique. She had great lines and over all balanced muscle that was very pleasing on stage.

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Iris Kyle, Dayana Cadeau, Yaxeni Oriquen & Lisa Aukland.
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In fitness, our "Chica," Adela Garcia blew everyone away with her slightly new innovated look and her entertaining Latin flavored routine. I would have to say hands down that this was the best package yet that Adela has brought to the stage. Her new diva hair, skin tone and shapely lines had winner written all over it!

Close behind in 2nd was Kim Klein and Jenny Hendershott in 3rd. All I have to say is you have to watch the webcast replay if you didn't have the chance to see Jenny's routine. Gosh, I need to big up my girl Jenny who always manages to come up with the craziest, nuttiest concepts for her routines, and pulls it off like no other! A little hint... a mocking of Britney Spears from drunk to bald! You will have to watch the webcast though to see it, trust me!

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Adela Garcia, Kim Klein & Jenny Hendershott.
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-> Saturday:

    Saturday night was twice the energy and pandemonium as Jay Cutler was announced Mr. Olympia yet once again... all the reason for all of us to go out to celebrate along with Jay and his after party!

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Jay Cutler.
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    Whooah! Yes a very eventful yet tiring weekend and Sunday most were dealing with the aftermath hangover, whether from the physical exhaustion for from other intoxicating substances ha-ha!

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Nancy Di Nino.


Special thanks and big ups to:

Russ, Ryan, Jeremy, Dave, Richard, Will and the whole FAMILY for always being so great!

Travis Chapman and the Chapman Media Group for the great production of the webcast.

Bob Cicherillo and Dan Solomon (my 2 favorite men, ha-ha) for always making the sport of bodybuilding "interesting." I think you know what I mean.

Dr. Navarro my co-host of Living Beautiful Radio for your ongoing support with the athletes and this industry.

Elaine Goodlad... "We were da bomb girl..." you were a pleasure to work with.

To all the competitors' congratulations to all of you. No matter the outcome, the experience will always live with you.

To all the fans, you are each so unique in your own way and I feel so blessed to have you on my side.

Congrats to Bob & Tosha Cicherillo, we had a great time celebrating your anniversary. Tosha... I am not sure the world is ready for us!!

And big kudos out to Robin Chang, Cindy and the rest of the AMI, Weider promotional crew for the great success of the 2007 Olympia... we look forward to the success of 2008!