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Muscle & Fitness - August 2010 Issue Preview: Build Mass And Strength In Just 4 Weeks!

The August issue of Muscle & Fitness will show you how to build mass and strength in just 4 weeks. And don't forget to check out the Military Superfeature - train like a Green Beret!

August 2010

Muscle & Fitness August 2010 Muscle & Fitness Magazine: August 2010.

The August issue of Muscle & Fitness features the ultimate workout for you to build mass and strength in just 4 weeks! Other features include a military special that will show you how to train like a Green Beret! Check it out!

Table Of Contents, August 2010
Training Features Nutrition
After Burn
This full-body weight circuit will torch 200 calories in 15 minutes and jack up your metabolism for hours.
By Erin Wek, NASM-CPT
62 Military Special: True Warrior
Strikeforce's Tim Kennedy doesn't get nervous when he fights in the cage because he has fought all over the world, for his life and our freedom.
By Rob Fitzgerald, NSCA-CPT
102 Daily Mass
Every 24 hours there are four major mass-building nutrition windows during which your body is primed for size. Don't miss them.
By Jordana Brown
Bookend Training
Beginning and ending your routine with the same multijoint move builds size and strength, and incinerates fat.
By Jim Stoppani, PhD
76 Military Special: Basic Training
Don't just survive basic training, crush it with this intensive pre-enlistment program.
By Joe Wuebben
120 Gills, Grills & Thrills
When trolling for ocean-going protein, make sure you reel in the right kind of fish for the right kind of gains.
By Matthew Kadey, MS, RD
The 10-Ton Workout
Go beyond sets and reps to lift more weight than you ever thought possible - and get bigger and stronger in the process.
By David Barr, CSCS, CISSN, and Mark Thorpe
156 Military Special: Strength and Honor
At the Army Combatives School at Fort Benning, Georgia, training is a matter of life and death.
By Eric Velazquez
134 Secret Ingredients
We go beyond the hype to find out which new supplements hold the key to superior results.
By David Barr, CSCS, CISSN
The Ultimate Arms Program
Show off a manly pair of arms this summer with our full-bore program that hits everything between your wrists and shoulders.
By Jim Stopanni, PhD, and Joe Wuebben
170 Training Notebook
Workout Rx: Crunch The Numbers
By David Sandler, MS, CSCS

M&F Raw: Turning Calves Into Cows
by Jim Stoppani, PhD

Unchained: Suspended Sentence
By Rob Fitzgerald, NSCA-CPT

Banded Strength: Back Squat Bandwidth
By Rob Fitzgerald, NSCA-CPT

Stack Of The Month: Growth Boost
By Tabatha Elliott, PhD
192 Model Citizens
Want to be on the cover of Muscle & Fitness? Here's how.
By Team M&F
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