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Muscle & Fitness Excerpt: Road Map To Huge Arms!

Arm workouts going nowhere? Green-light rapid growth with M&F's eight-week guide to sleeve-busting bi's and tri's... The following is an excerpt taken from the August 2007 issue of Muscle & Fitness, on newsstands July 2nd.

The following is an excerpt from the August 2007 issue of Muscle & Fitness:

Road Map To Huge Arms

[NOTE: This is an excerpt taken from the August issue of M&F, on sale July 2.]

Big, pumped arms — the kind that look like a road atlas, with veins crisscrossing like a Southern California freeway interchange — are the ultimate destination for every bodybuilder. But if your personal road to sleeve-busting bi's and tri's has been more like a long series of roadblocks, potholes and detours than one of green lights and open highways, it's time to merge into the fast lane of muscle growth.

Our eight-week road map provides the fastest route to increased arm size, strength and muscular detail. And even though you're a guy, we've painstakingly mapped out the directions so you get on the fast track to growth instead of wasting your time driving in circles.

Destination: Big Arms:

    The superhighway to thicker arms requires a workout tune-up. First, instead of training arms just once over the course of your split, now you'll work them twice. Training muscle groups more frequently stimulates genes in the muscle cells that instigate muscle growth. More frequent workouts (to a point) keeps those genes stimulated longer for better muscle growth.

    On Saturday (see training split), you'll hit your biceps and triceps in one session with a variety of exercises and rep ranges. In this split, Saturday follows a rest day. Whatever sequence you use, make sure your main arm day is after a rest day so you're fresh and can devote full energy to your training. This enables you to go heavier and achieve greater intensity.

    On Monday, after your chest workout, you'll hit the triceps with a single bread-and-butter move to finish them off — after all, they've been getting more than their share of the workload in heavy pressing moves. The same goes for the biceps: On Tuesday, you'll do a single exercise after back training to increase the blood flow to the bi's and engorge them.

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GPS To Arm Size:

biceps biceps biceps biceps
biceps biceps biceps biceps
biceps biceps biceps biceps
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Guide To The Road Map:

    Use these six fundamentals to navigate your way to huge arms

    1. Perform a single biceps move following your back workout for eight weeks, but alter the style of execution every two weeks and employ a different high-intensity technique.
    2. Perform a single triceps move after you train chest. The execution of this exercise will also change every two weeks to keep your arms stimulated in new ways.
    3. On dedicated arm days, choose one exercise from each group provided. For example, the first exercise for strength-building (Group A) is one you can do with a lot of weight. Go heavy and train for strength on this move for low (6-8) reps.

For the remaining three fundamental tips on arm training, complete text and detailed meal plan for adding size, pick up the arms-heavy August issue of M&F, on newsstands July 2!

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