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Muscle & Fitness Hers - November/December 2008 Issue Preview: Cover Girl Revealed!

Here's what's what (and where) in the latest edition of M&F Hers, on newsstands now. Cover stories and a table of contents are available right here to show you what will be in the next issue of Muscle & Fitness. Check it out!

Here's what's what (and where) in the newest edition of M&F Hers, on newsstands now. For more training tips, nutritional advice and features, head to

November/December 2008

Muscle & Fitness Hers November/December 2008 Muscle & Fitness Hers: November/December 2008.

The November/December issue of Muscle & Fitness Hers is available now. This issue showcases how Samantha Harris made our cover four times. Also get more on routines to melt off the pounds and much more! Check it out!

Click here to read an excerpt from the cover story about Cover Girl Revealed!

Table Of Contents, November/December 2008
Training & Fitness Nutrition & Supplements Motivation & In This Issue
Ready, Set, Go!
Crunched for time? These five 30-minute routines are short on time but long on results.
26 Happy, Healthy Holiday Dinner.
These five side dishes will help keep your physique on track.
42 Cover Girl Revealed.
See just how Samantha Harris made our cover four times.
Be A Superwoman!
Doing supersets super-fast is the best way to burn fat, and get leaner and more sculpted.
50 Diet Essentials.
We offer up three specific protein supplements that can fast-track your results.
58 The Fit Gift List.
This year, reward your hard work with these gifts that'll ensure 2009 is your fittest year yet.
Strength In Symmetry.
Natalie Benson reveals how she sculpted her awesome arms.
64 Risky Business.
In an effort to keep you in the gym, we look at how to prevent the most common injuries.
78 Letters.
An Active Girl's Guide To Yoga.
Here's what you need to know before going to your local studio.
70 Training Notebook.
  • Latest News
  • Pilates for Abs
  • The Plank
  • Dynamite Delts
  • 8
    So You Want To...
    How to prepare for one of winter's most beautiful whole-body workouts.
    84 Nutrition Notebook.
  • Latest News
  • On-the-Go Diet
  • Vitamin K
  • Vegetable Roundup
  • 14
    Twists & Turns.
    A closer look at the women of fitness and figure.
    For The Competitor.
    Fitness pro Jen Hendershott dissects the perfect routine round