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Muscle & Fitness - April 2009 Issue Preview: World's Most Famous Six-Pack!

Here's what's what (and where) in the latest edition of M&F, on newsstands now. Cover stories and a table of contents are available right here to show you what will be in the next issue of Muscle & Fitness. Check it out!

Here's what's what (and where) in the newest edition of M&F, on newsstands now. For more training tips, nutritional advice and features, head to

April 2009

Muscle & Fitness April 2009 Muscle & Fitness Magazine: April 2009.

The April issue of Muscle & Fitness showcases the Immortal Abs of Bruce Lee. Other features include world's toughest 15 minute workout and much more! Check it out!

Click here to read an excerpt from the cover story Immortal Abs!

Table Of Contents, April 2009
Training & Fitness Features & Department Nutrition
Abs Done Your Way
To thoroughly nail your abdominals for best results, train all four regions of your midsection with this comprehensive program.
By Jimy Peña, MS, CSCS And Jon Finkel
94 Immortal Abs
Bruce Lee's core work was unparalleled in the 1960s and '70s. Today his abdominal legacy still inspires the best fighters in the world.
By Jake Rossen
160 The Usual Suspects
No more diet mysteries. Here are 25 foods that should be in every bodybuilder's kitchen.
By Jordana Brown
Abs Diet Done Your Way
Building washboard abs takes more than hard work in the gym - your diet needs to be spot-on, too.
By Jim Stoppani, PHD
118 Head First
The mind-muscle connection doesn't involve voodoo - just concentration and the desire to grow bigger and stronger.
By Mark Thorpe
214 The Doctor Is In
From hundreds of readers' cries for nutritional help, Senior Science Editor Jim Stoppani, PhD, solves the seven most pressing diet conundrums.
By Jim Stoppani, PhD
Beware Of Self-Sabotage
These seven tips will keep your abs on track for a six-pack.
128 No Limits Laird
How does big-wave surf legend Laird Hamilton train to surf tidal waves? Ceaselessly.
By Mark Thorpe
238 Eating for Muscle 101
If this is the year you're lifting for size, then you need to follow this diet advice.
By Chris Aceto
Absolute Power
To ratchet up your power and strength gains, this explosive training program introduces you to nine new lifts for insane results.
By Jim Stoppani, PHD, And Joe Wuebben
70 Perfect Harmony
Harmony Hunt is no librarian. This Los Angeles Clippers dancer lives up to her glamorous name.
By Mark Thorpe
278 Engorged!
When you want to pump up in the bedroom like you pump up in the gym, consider these testosterone and nitric oxide supplement stacks.
By Jim St Oppani, PHD, And Mark Thorpe
20/10: A Pain Odyssey
Tabata training, born in a Japanese sports lab, is a high-intensity interval program that'll burn fat and build muscle. It's brutally effective.
By Jim Stoppani, PHD, And Joe Wuebben
178 Training Notebook
Workout of the Month: Swing Low
By Jimy Peña, MS , CSCS
Cap & Crown
JulieAnn Kulla's shoulder routine puts impressive caps on a physique ready for the big time.
By Mark Thorpe
252 One-Minute Lesson: Getting Medieval

By Chris Gizzi, PES, CES, USAW
Pimp My Workout: Back in the Saddle

By Joe Wueben
Kinesiology: Decline Dumbbell Pullover

By David Sandler, MS, CSCS
Gunnar's Corner: Rope-a-Dope

By Gunar Peterson, CSCS
Ask Arnold: Stuck in the Middle

By Arnold Schwarzeneger