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Muscle & Fitness - April 2008 Issue Preview: Programs That Built Bruce Lee!

Here's what's what (and where) in the latest edition of M&F, on newsstands March 3rd. Cover stories and a table of contents are available right here to show you what will be in the next issue of Muscle & Fitness. Check it out!

Here's what's what (and where) in the newest edition of M&F, on newsstands March 3rd. For more training tips, nutritional advice and features, head to

April 2008

Muscle & Fitness April 2008 Muscle & Fitness Magazine: April 2008.

The April issue of Muscle & Fitness will be available March 3rd. This issue showcases programs that built Bruce Lee, pullout meal plans, and much more! Check it out!

Click here to read an excerpt from the cover story about The Philosophy And Programs That Built Bruce Lee!

Table Of Contents, April 2008
Training & Fitness Nutrition & Supplements Features / Departments
Simply Huge
This six-week program eliminates the bells and whistles to give you a straightforward and effective mass-building workout.
By Jimmy Pena, MS, CSCS, and Michael Berg
80 31 Rules of Nutrition
Guarantee your investment in a bigger, leaner body with these essential diet strategies.
By Chris Aceto
98 The Accidental Icon
Bruce Lee's bodybuilding credentials are unheralded, but his embrace of the fledgling pursuit still resonates through sports 34 years after his death.
By Eric Velazquez
Speed Up, Slow Down
To your weight-room arsenal of intensity, volume, rest and exercise order, add the underrated tool of rep speed - you'll grow even faster with it.
By Jim Stoppani, PhD, and Eric Velazquez
166 200 Best Muscle-Building Foods
Our results-backed recommendations not only tell you which foods you should be eating but also when and why you need to eat them.
By the M&F Staff
116 M&F Strength Feats 2007
We give you 10 of the grandest spectacles of strength in our annual collection of physical hubris.
By Joe Wuebben
Fine-Tune Your Chest in Four Weeks
Minor tweaks in form can lead to massive changes in how your chest grows.
By Jimmy Pena, MS, CSCS
210 The 11 Best Supps For Mass
Can't afford a random sample of every supplement under the sun? Then use our prioritized list to start growing.
By Jim Stoppani, PhD
132 A Day At The Beach
AVP players Michelle More and Suzanne Stonebarger are known as Team Gorgeous. Give 'em a look to find out why.
By Eric Velazquez
August Feats
Use Al Auguste's back routine to build thick muscle, and take his dedication to getting ahead as an example of courage.
By Mark Thorpe
242 10-Minute Meals
You've already invested in serious gym time - these quick meals will support your hard work.
By Jordana Brown
142 Training Notebook
Workout of the Month: All 4 One
By Jim Stoppani, PhD

Pimp My Workout: Wheels of Fortune
By Joe Wuebben

Strength Lab: A Pressing Issue
By Jim Stoppani, PhD

Power and Strength: Translating the Turkish Get-Up
By Sean Waxman, CSCS
American Girl
Pro figure competitor Jennifer Gates grew up in a bodybuilding family, and she has the arm routine to prove it.
By Mark Thorpe
252 Add Muscle To Your Meals
Our menu alternatives and add-ons will prevent your daily diet from tasting like sand.
By Matthew G. Kadey, MS, RD
160 Nutrition Notebook
Man-Made Meal: Scrambled Eggs With Turkey
By Laura Creavalle

Ask the Expert: A Stimulating Topic
By Chris Aceto

Bodybuilding Buffet: Plant Power
By Jordana Brown

Muscle in Minutes: Shake of the Month
By Jordana Brown
By Peter McGough
By Joe Weider
Feedback/Success Stories
Big Time
Edited By Mark Thorpe
The Edge
Edited by Jim Stoppani, PhD
Ask Arnold
By Arnold Schwarzenegger
Gunnar's Athletic Department
By Gunnar Peterson, CSCS
The Marketplace
Next Month