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Q&A #3 With Mike Roussell - What The Readers Want To Know!

In this edition of What Readers Want to Known I'll answer questions about peppers & weight loss, low carb dieting, and about switching protein. I've included some bonus material as well about improvement. Check it all out!

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[ Q ] Hey Mike, I've heard a lot about how a certain part of cayenne peppers can help with weight loss. Is this true?

    A: It is sort of true. For decades (if not centuries) hot and spicy foods have been thought to "heat up" your body. It was only a matter of time until researchers and supplement companies latched on to chili pepper and other spices to examine their efficacy in weight loss. Currently the most popular extract of this class in the field of weight loss is capsaicin (derived from the chili pepper).

    I recently read a study entitled, "Effects Of Chili Consumption On Postprandial Glucose, Insulin, And Energy Metabolism" the researchers did not look at weight loss directly but instead examined various metabolic factors that were modified as a result of chili consumption.

    Postprandial Glucose:
    Postprandial means "after feeding". Postprandial glucose is a measurement of one's blood sugar levels after a meal.

    Thirty-six men and women were enrolled in this study. They were split into two groups - the chili and bland diet groups. The subjects adhered to their assigned diets for four weeks and then switched diets for another 4 weeks. As part of the chili diet the study participants received 30 grams of a chili blend each day (55% cayenne).

    The researchers found that when on the chili diet the subjects' bodies used less insulin to deal with the increased blood sugar levels following a meal. In science-speak there was a reduction in postprandial (after eating) hyperinsulinemia (high insulin).

    Because hyperinsulinemia is a major problem with diabetes and obesity the researchers were very happy with the findings. So much so that they went on to state "In the present investigation, chili appeared to diminish the adverse effect related to obesity."

    Now you may be thinking "Great! If chili diminishes the adverse effects related to obesity then I'm sure it would help with my weight loss goals!" Not so fast. The researchers may have jumped the gun a little bit here. The results of this study are not that tremendous and the actual effects on weight loss are not examined. Thus it is hard to endorse statements such as "diminish the adverse effect related to obesity."

    But if you enjoy spicy food then this study is just more fuel for your fire (pun intended) and if you are not the spicy type there are many other ways to improve your insulin sensitivity (such as exercise). In regards to supplementing with capsaicin or cayenne peppers don't bother.

Clayton's Health Facts: Cayenne. Clayton's Health Facts: Cayenne.
Cayenne - Popular Fat Burner Ingredient.
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    Some companies have included then in their products but so far the data does not suggest that the impact is great enough to warrant supplementation.

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[ Q ] I need to drop some body fat and I was thinking about going on a low carb diet, do you have any recommendations? What should I do for a post workout shake if I'm limiting my carbs?

    A: There is tons of information about lower carbs diets now even though the low carb craze is slowing down. I realized that low carb was no longer "hip" in the mainstream when I was at the grocery store to buy some chocolate Carb Countdown Milk and the name had been changed to Calorie Countdown Milk. Fortunately they just changed the name and not the great taste.

    But back to your question about some low carb diet recommendations. Two must read books are "The Metabolic Diet" and "Game Over."

    The Metabolic Diet, by Dr. Mauro Di Pasquale, is a popular cyclic low carb diet. Cyclic low carb diets involve the re-introduction of carbohydrates to the diet on a regular basis (every 5-14 days) for as long 2 days or as short as 1 meal. This book is a great read. It will give you not only a plan of action but the science and rationale behind it.

    Game Over

    Game Over is another great book that was just recently released; it outlines what is known as the "Cut Diet." The Cut Diet is another cyclic low carb diet that was designed by Chuck Rudolph. This book is packed with information including a training program and meal plans.

    These two books should also get you well on your way to being a low carb expert.

    Now, what about workout nutrition on low carb diets? You can get away without consuming simple sugars during/after your workout if you use a combination of BCAA and protein.

    • "Normal" Workout Nutrition:

        Dextrose/Maltodextrose + Hydrolyzed Whey

    • Low Carb Workout Nutrition:

        Branched Chain Amino Acid + Hydrolyzed Whey (or Whey Protein Isolate)

    I am currently moving into a low carb phase of my training and I will be using the following combinations for my workouts.

[ Q ] I've been using ON 100% Whey for over a year now and am looking for a change. What products do you recommend to your clients?

    A: When I first got into weight lifting I used ON 100% Whey exclusively for a very long time also. I usually have my clients use a couple different protein powders at once. This helps prevent them from getting tired of one taste. Here are mine and my clients top 5 favorite protein powders:

    Pro Complex

    1. Metabolic Drive - Biotest
    2. EvoPro - CytoSport
    3. Pro Complex - ON
    4. Substance WPI (Watermelon) - PrimaForce
    5. Matrix 5.0 - Syntrax

    When looking for a new "anytime" protein you should buy a protein blend. However when you are looking for a protein to use around your workout then you should buy hydrolyzed whey or a whey protein isolate.

Bonus Mini Article:
Are You At The Same Place Your Were Last Year?

  • Have you been training with the same routine as you were last year?
  • Are you eating the same amount of calories you were last year?
  • Is your physique the same as it was last year?
  • Do you even know the answer to all these questions???

I am amazed by people that spend countless hours reading weight lifting and nutrition information, posting messages on several internet forums, and picking apart articles because the author destroyed some dogma that the reader found sacred. What amazes me is that these people are always too "busy" to plan their meals, take body composition measurements, set goals, and hit the gym with regularity and intensity.

The end result is that they have the same physique year in and year out. They blame their stagnation on various things: being a hardgainer, not the right supplements, they REFUSE to use steroids, they have low testosterone levels. GIVE ME A BREAK.

Tom Prince:

    I recently read some things that retired IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Tom Prince wrote. Here was what he said about what it takes to become a professional bodybuilder:

    1. Genetics
    2. Busting your @ss in the gym
    3. Knowing how to eat a lot of good food
    4. Knowing what it means to "rest"
    5. 12-15 YEARS of being consistent, and never missing a scheduled workout (*note: you are allowed to miss 2-3 workouts in that 12-15 years for funerals, family tragedy, etc.)

    NOW... here's how 1-5 plays out: Your GENETICS, you are born with, and can do nothing about. Numbers 2,3,4, I could teach a retarded monkey with a brain amputation.

    And #5... is why 99.99999% of the people fail... and fall dead on their @ss!

    People got in an up roar that he didn't list steroids. Tom then went on to say that steroids won't make you a pro. They only even the playing field. Did you know that Tom was 242lbs at 8% body fat before he ever used his first steroid??

Tom Prince - Retired Pro
Date: 6/14/05

Bob Cicherillo gets inside the head of retired pro bodybuilder Tom Prince. You don't want to miss this in depth interview. Find out why Tom called it quits, and where he feels the sport is heading right here on The Fit Show.
Video Show 1

    I agree with Tom. Steroids don't make the man.

    1. Look at Tom's top five list how are you with #2-5????
    2. Do you have the physique you want?

    Chances are your answer to my 2 questions will be related. Think about it... where do you want to be next year?

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