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Fitness & Nutrition Radio Podcast: Mother's Day - Helene Byrne Interview.

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Helene Byrne From BeFit-Mom.

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May 8, 2006; 57:19 minutes  audio

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About This Episode

Helene Byrne From BeFit-Mom.

    Mother's Day just recently passed, and if you're looking for a smart, lively, and inspirational Mom to help you understand how important exercise is, than we have the Mom for you!

    Helene Byrne is a nationally recognized perinatal fitness specialist, author, publisher, and founder of Her mission is to motivate and inspire all women to stay fit and healthy during pregnancy and beyond, and to become positive role models that lead their entire families toward better health and wellness.

    Helene Byrne
    Helene Byrne.

    Helene Byrne speaks regularly at fitness conventions and has appeared on over twenty radio and TV shows championing the numerous and truly profound benefits of maternal fitness.

    Be sure to visit Helene's website: