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Lisa's Fitness Tidbits For Everyone!

Realizing that everyone does not compete in fitness, I have put together a few tidbits for the rest of us. Getting in shape should not be a horrifying experience...

Realizing that everyone does not compete in fitness, I have put together a few tidbits for the rest of us. Getting in shape should not be a horrifying experience. It should be a pleasant and rewarding experience for the average person who is trying to get in general shape, overall well-being and health.

Here are some tips and tricks of the trade for you to use to help make your exercise experience more enjoyable, and more result savvy. Starting with a few of the most difficult areas: Abdominals, Hips, Butt and Thighs:

Abs And Obliques

Working abs should not be an everyday part of your workout. You must treat this muscle just like any other in the body. You should work abs only 3 to 4 times per week to allow ample time for them to get strong and firm, as well as the time to recover. If you want rock hard, six pack abs, then you must train them for such.

If you do the same number of abdominal exercises everyday, and the same exercises for them, you are doing nothing but building endurance in the muscle, and maintaining somewhat of the strength and firmness you've already accomplished through this method of abdominal training.

So what, you can do 500 sit-ups a day every day. Do you see your six pack? If you do, you're on one hell of a nutritional, exercise, and aerobic program. Don't misunderstand; the training of the abdominal muscle everyday does make it stronger, and firmer.

However, if you do the same things everyday, you will only be building endurance after a certain point, and your gains will cease just like any other body part. You'll just stay in one place, not really gaining forward, or losing backward. So, what to do?

You train your abs like you would any other body part you are trying to build or strengthen. Following is a great example:

Do this plan three times per week:

3 sets 35-50 reps each exercise with 30 to 45 second rest between sets.

Exercises in this order:

Click here for printable workout log!

Abdominal Workout Complete

Note: Beginners can always start with 10-15 reps each set and work their way up to 35-50. Change up the exercises every 6 - 8 weeks to keep the muscle shocked. Remember to watch your diet and incorporate your aerobic activity for maximum fat burning. If you don't remove the fat from your abs, you'll never be able to see them no matter how many reps or sets you do.

Hips, Booty, And Thighs

Oh yeah, now here is one that all women, and some men cannot deny. What to do, what to do, what to do? Well, this isn't rocket science. The hard part here is sticking to your diet and exercise plan. Here are some tips to help firm those hips, thighs and buttocks. This exercise plan is not in addition to Lisa's Lower Body Workout.

Do this plan three times per week:

1-2 sets, 10-15 reps with slow controlled movements to complete the set in 90 seconds tops.

Exercises in this order:

Click here for printable workout log!

Use this program for your lower body for at least 8 weeks before switching up the exercises. Remember to keep the upper body midline and erect with abs held in tight for the lunging part of this work out. Proper form is essential.

You should see significant results in this 8 week period of time, but you will see results far before the 8 weeks are complete. Remember the nutrition and aerobic regime.

Note: Beginners start with one set each. The more advanced; if you need more of a challenge, add a set or two, or try Lisa's Lower Body Workout instead.

Informed Tidbits

  • Don't be afraid to try new avenues of exercise. What you discover may surprise you.

  • Be aware of untrained instructors in Personal Training, Aerobics, Pilates, Yoga, etc. Always ask for credentials when hiring a personal trainer for you. They should be certified through a reputable association with at least 1-2 years personal training experience after getting certified. Get references!!

  • Train Intensely to Up Post Exercise Fat Burning, yes it does work!! Get out of that 65% max. rat race. Body fat is controlled much greater if you pick up your pace during a run, cycle, walk, swim or any other aerobic exercise. So get moving to get losing.

  • Wake up people, Weight Training and Aerobic Training burn the same amount of calories. So if you're a bit overweight, training with weights is a great way to start out with if you cannot do aerobic activity as of yet.

    And for the rest of us--if you do not have the time to do both in that training session, don't worry--you're covered. So, stop thinking that aerobic activity is the only way, and the most effective way to getting leaner. That is a MYTH!

  • You DO NOT have to stretch before your work-out. Static pre-stretching for longer than 5-10 minutes temporarily decreases muscle strength and power for up to 30 minutes. A better warm-up would be to do progressive whole body exercise and skill practice.

    For example: warm the muscles with a light weighted warm up set of 10-12 reps at 1-2 sets before progressing into your actual heavy sets for weight training. Jog in place or on the treadmill for 5 minutes, or do abdominals first before aerobic exercise to warm the body for extended force. After the workout is completed, then do static stretching for 10 to 30 minutes to increase your effectiveness in recovery and injury prevention.

  • Drink Green Tea, or take a Green Tea Catechins supplement in pill form to help you battle body fat. It has been proven to help fight fat as well as curb the appetite. Not to mention that it is also an effective antioxidant that helps to fight free radicals that have been linked to aging. Wow, who knew??

  • Eat a reduced number of complex carbohydrates in grams per serving early in the day, rather than at night, unless you are trying to build muscle, in which you will then have to eat complex carbohydrates as well as protein post-exercise in order to gain the mass.

  • Choose lower Glycemic Index carbohydrates to help control insulin surges throughout the day.

    Rapid increases in insulin due to simple sugars or high Glycemic Index foods lowers the blood sugar, and promotes your appetite sooner than with lower Glycemic Index foods which tend to keep your insulin levels steady and normal, thus controlling your appetite better. Try CoEnzyme Q10, it will help to improve your Blood Pressure as well as Glycemic Control.

  • Ladies make sure that you get adequate levels of Iron each day. An Iron deficiency can cause Low Blood Anemia and thus cause your energy levels to drop dramatically. Iron will boost your response to aerobic workouts by allowing the body to get more oxygen rich blood to the working muscles.

    So if you're feeling fatigued or listless before, during or after your aerobic workout that is beyond the norm, you may want to supplement your Iron intake, or see your doctor for advice.

  • An absolutely fantastic way to do aerobic exercise is to jump rope. It not only allows you to burn 10 calories per minute. This activity will also help to make your bones stronger.

    It's positively a fabulous interval training aerobic choice. Spring is here, get outside and jump to great fitness and health.

Always remember to train smart. For the best you can achieve in health and fitness-always remain informed. If you are looking at something new, research it first if you're not sure. Always check my articles here on

If I cannot answer your questions through my articles or an email, try the other writers here. They are very informed, and trained in many areas of health and fitness as well.

Good luck, stay healthy and train smart!