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Lisa's Competition Resources!

Tired of looking around to find information on how to get training or nutritional advice from a pro? Look no further!

Get the information and additional insight that you need to help you to become one of the "Best" in fitness competing. Here is my list of professionals who can design your weight training program, diet and nutrition, routines, and routine outfits. After receiving so many emails asking about additional resources, I did the extensive research, and found these professionals to help you.

This is a list of resources that is by no means exhaustive; professional competitors in your area may offer assistance to help you to locate a seamstress, choreographer, or a gymnastics coach. So by all means stay open to all resources available.

Nutrition Consultants: With extensive experience dieting pro and national-level competitors.

Chris Aceto -
Mike Davies - Email:;
Chad Nichols - Email:
Chuck Rudolph, MEd, RD -
Team Scivation -

Pro Fitness Competitors Who Offer Consultations

Jen Hendershott, Columbus, Ohio:;
Laura Mak, Atlanta, Georgia:
"Bring It...!!!" Fitness and Competition Support -
Adela Garcia -

Routines and Stage Presentation Coaching

Lishia Dean -
Lisa Moser, Pro Fitness Support Coach, North Carolina - |

Design Of Competition Suits & Routine Outfits

Cynthia James, Elite Competition Wear -
Nina's Competition Suits -
The Suit Chick -

Research in Books and Video

Monica Brandt: Secret of Beauty,
Scivation Books For Nutrition, Training, & Diets To The Stage -


Onyx Photography -
Jeff Binns Photography -


Jantana -


Maggie Blanchard -
Candlelight Fashions -

Use these resources as a tool to help you to meet the goals that you have set for yourself in fitness competing. These competitors and professionals are seasoned with an abundance of knowledge, insight, and experience to get and keep you on the right track to becoming a Champion.

Stay Positive and Train Smart!!

Good Luck and Train Smart!!