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FitBiz Podcast: John Allen Mollenhauer Podcast Interview.

This week, Tom Perkins and Dave DePew get the inside scoop on the business end of the Fitness industry from John Allen Mollenhauer! Learn about his success with He is a Lifestyle and Fitness Entrepreneur, and much more...

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Interview with John Allen Mollenhauer, He is the founder of Main Topic: Learn THE 7 Steps to Live, Feel and Perform Better!

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January 5, 2007; 52:37 minutes; 12 MB  audio

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About This Episode

Learn THE 7 Steps to Live, Feel and Perform Better!

    John Allen Mollenhauer is a Lifestyle and Fitness Entrepreneur, and the creator of The Healthy High Achiever, where he teaches the 7 Steps to Live, Feel and Perform Better. in a lifestyle you can call your own.

    He is the founder of ( for Performance Lifestyle Training, and coaching for Pro-Active People Who Want to Be Healthier and Even More Successful Living Well, in an Overwhelming World.

    Each of the steps represents one of THE seven most influential health and performance skill sets high-achieving people need to know to be sustainable and even more successful.

John Allen Mollenhauer
John Allen Mollenhauer.

    In the age of achievement where people have access to more information and opportunity than ever before, and we can accomplish our goals faster than ever before, achievement oriented people are suffering from a paradox. The busier they get the less time they have to take care of themselves with limited time space and energy. It is for this reason and his personal experience as an entrepreneur on the downward trend that inspired John Allen to do something about it.

    John Allen envisions a world where people �"live� feel and perform better, and are no longer caught up as poor health statistics. So he created a network online where everyone has access to a trainer and ongoing support with Internet-based coaching.

    With the guidance and reinforcement of a world class lifestyle, health and science advisory team, the most comprehensive study of nutrition ever conducted and extensive personal and professional experience with thousands of clients; John Allen also produced for those who want to master one of the most important steps to live feel and perform better… the Nutrient Rich way of eating. is the cornerstone of sound nutrition and the new trend in eating that is freeing millions of people stuck in dead-end diet traps. A Nutrient Rich Diet enables people to live normally and naturally, at or near their ideal weight and free of lifestyle diseases, like hypertension and heart disease, diabetes and obesity.

    John Allen’s mission is to help as many people as possible get free of diet, weight and long term health issues developing lifestyles that promote health and sustainable success.

    A certified trainer, and lifestyle coach, and former business manager for best selling author DrFuhrman Online, and protégé of Tony Robbins, John Allen appears frequently on radio and television shows, including Comcast CN8, Air America, MoJo Radio and others.

    He is a featured speaker at the Annual CoachVille Conference, the National Health Association Annual Conference and the Monkey Bar Gym Fitness Chain. He also delivers the famed �"Jam Sessions� via weekly teleseminars and at conferences of all types. Listeners and attendees discover the 7 Steps to live feel and perform better. He is a regular contributor to the Health Science Journal and other national magazines.

-> Here Are A Few Of The Questions John Allen Answered:

    Tell me a little about your background and how you came about developing THE 7 Steps to Live, Feel and Perform Better, what you call The Performance Lifestyle- for High Achieving People who want to Healthy and Successful.

    How would you best describe the �"Performance Lifestyle� and why is it valuable for fitness professionals to understand this concept and the 7 Steps?

    What value does it offer today’s ultra busy consumer who has limited time space and energy?

    Do you thinking that fitness professionals really understand �"lifestyle� as it’s talked about today?

    Will an understanding of the Performance Lifestyle and THE 7 Steps to Live, Feel and Perform Better, help people make better use of fitness facilities?

    Could you give me an overview of the 7 Steps and why these steps are so important to the fitness lifestyle?

    Will this open up new revenue opportunities for fitness professionals? How about facilities?

    How do you see the fitness industry shaping in the coming years, do you have any speculation you’d like to share?