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A Day At The 2006 Arnold Classic!

Here is a quick recap of the 2006 Arnold and what some of the booths had to offer. In addition a Q&A has been added for those with bicep questions. Check it out.

Many of you probably made it to the Arnold this year, in Columbus, Ohio. I had the pleasure of driving up for the day to check out the expo, see what's on the horizon, and chat with a few folks.

At The Expo

I of course made a stop at the booth to say hello---they always have something up their sleeves, and it was fun to watch the live taping of their Reality Bodybuilding TV that airs on the site.

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Brenda & Bob @ The Booth.

Other than that, there were some of the "usual suspects." VPX had a booth that took up about 50% of the expo floor-rumor has it, they also had 60 fitness models along with them this year, which is always a nice draw.

Christian Boeving & VPX

Windows Media (43.2 MB)

And they had a fairly new bar they are now selling, which had a great flavor-Zero Carb. BSN brought their big guns-Mr. O, Ron Coleman, and WWE Superstar, Triple H, who both drew a large crowd, with lines wrapped around the booth waiting for pictures and signatures.

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Ron Coleman & Triple H

It's always great to see some of the "originals"-Arnold himself always makes an appearance, along with Frank Zane, Bill Grant, and some of the other greats, who really put bodybuilding on the map.

There were some new products this year as well that I noticed.

Labrada Booth:


    One of my first stops was to the Labrada booth to chat with Lee and the crew. They had some great new products they were showcasing... you guys have to try out their Rock 'n Roll bars. These things taste great, have a hefty dose of healthy fats, and also some quality protein.

    They are a unique twist to the bars that most companies offer and they now offer a trail mix bar, along with a honey almond bar. Both are excellent and definitely warrant a try. They also had their new whey protein isolate they were showcasing, along with Super Charge, a pre-workout drink to get you revved up for your workout!!

Dorian Yates Booth:


    I was also on the prowl for a new, unique MRP... and that's when I stumbled across Dorian Yates at his booth. Well, it's kind of hard to miss him-while he's a heck of a lot "smaller" than his competitive days, small is far from the word I would use.

    I highly recommend his CNP Approved Pro Peptide and Pro M-R. Wow, it's nice to use a high quality product that also tastes great-give them a shot if you haven't tried them out.

Met-Rx Booth:

    There was also no way you could miss the Met-Rx booth. Not only were there a lot of attractive fitness women, but they also had some ongoing contests to test out your forearm strength. I looked on as folks stepped up to the plate to try this thing out---and got a good laugh at each of their faces when they were done. Met Rx always has a solid product line.

Lou Ferrigno Booth:

    Lou Ferrigno is still looking fantastic---he looks better without the purple Capri pants and green skin, AKA, "The Incredible Hulk" but he is in amazing shape to this day. There were also a number of other Weider athletes at the booth, kind of enough to take some pictures, sign memorabilia, and just chat with fans.

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Lou Ferrigno Booth.

    As always, the Arnold is a fun experience-it was fortunately productive for me, as I had the chance to meet with some folks about some upcoming projects, meet some new like minded people, and see some of bodybuilding's stars.

With that said, here's another Q & A.

[ Q ] Dear Chris, Congratulations on your PhD! I hope you don't mind my asking for your professional opinion.

I am, or rather would like to be an amateur bodybuilder. After 3+ years in the gym I have gained 35lbs and currently have 18inch arms. Since the beginning, my routine has generally been each body part twice a week. My arms are my main concern - with my routine consisting of 4 exercises for biceps and 4 for triceps for a total of 18 sets each.

Is this volume in your professional opinion too high? Should I be training my arms only once a week or twice with lower volume? Any insight or opinions you may have would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to write back to me.

Sean G

    A: Congratulations on your success thus far. In my opinion, that is a rather high volume for your arms. Remember, the biceps and triceps are very small muscle groups. I'd rather have you focus on large body movements, such as squats, deadlifts, chins, bench press, dips, etc.

    All of these movements work your muscles indirectly. In my opinion, you're currently overtraining your arms; if you cut back on the volume and focus on some of these other movements; I assure you will gain some strength and potentially even some size.

    Remember, your muscles don't grow during training, but rather during recovery. If you do not allow them to recover, they will in turn not grow. Now, you have likely seen a lot of growth initially because you were a beginner-beginner's can actually break a lot of the "rules" and still be successful.

    This is because lifting in general is such a new stimulus; however, over time, results will slow and you need to hit your body with a different stimulus, to ensure it continues to grow in response to the new stress. Good luck!

About The Author:

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