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Modern Physique: Week 5, Day 35 - Rest

You've spent the last six days working hard in the gym. Take a break today and learn how you've been training for muscular and cardiovascular endurance!

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Steve Cook's Modern Physique Pillar 5 Endurance
Watch the video - 2:00

Endurance is your body's ability to stay active for a long period of time. In your Modern Physique workouts, you've been training both muscular and cardiovascular endurance. By training both systems, you can be certain that neither your muscles nor your heart and lungs will quit before you're ready for them to.

To train for muscular endurance, you've been doing high-rep giant sets with little rest. These big sets will challenge your muscles to keep moving, even when they're burning like hell. Every time you finish a set, you're helping your muscles get better at continual work.

Cardiovascular endurance is also important. The combination of low-intensity steady-state cardio and high-intensity interval training will help you build your work capacity and allow you to keep working at a high level for a long time. Your body's work capacity will do a lot for your heart health and your modern physique.

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