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Modern Physique: Week 3, Day 21 - Rest

Today, you'll rest your body and broaden your mind as you learn about another essential pillar to the Modern Physique: muscularity.

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While they're related, strength and muscularity aren't the same. You can be strong without being muscular, or you can have 'mirin-worthy muscles without being strong. Just like me, you want both. With this program, you'll achieve just that. These workouts will give you a skin-tearing pump and the strength gains you need for a true modern physique.

With your down time today, spend a moment thinking about nutrition and prepping your meals for the week to come. Lifting will carve your body, but increasing your calories just enough to build muscle—and doing it by eating quality foods—is essential to the process.

Modern Physique Pillar Muscularity
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