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Team Cobra Bodybuilding Timeline!

As all of us heeded the call to serve our country, we sent out another call as well. This went out to those who wished to take their bodies to the next level, through improved nutrition and weightlifting.

26 December 2001

The Team Comes Together

For months we have talked about forming a bodybuilding team for our upcoming deployment to Bosnia. As all of us heeded the call to serve our country, we sent out another call as well. This went out to those who wished to take their bodies to the next level, through improved nutrition and weightlifting. So far six of us have accepted the challenge. Many feel that bodybuilding is an individual sport. We disagree. Though our individual goals may be different, we achieve them together as a team.

At 35, 1st Lieutenant Robert Holley is the oldest member of the team. A passionate weightlifter, his goal is to put on as much lean mass as possible, without resorting to steroids. Robert has planned to take a vacation to California with his wife, Erica, upon his return from Bosnia. "I want her to point to me with pride and tell people 'that's my husband!'"

Staff Sergeant Chris Askew is overall one of the best-conditioned members of Team Cobra. A former Marine, Chris has always maintained the Marine Corps philosophy towards physical fitness. Over the last 14 years, he has consistently overcome any physical challenge the Marines and Army have thrown his way. Now he looks to bodybuilding to help him reach the next level.

Arguably the strongest member of the team, Staff Sergeant Roy Barrera is known as "Bear" with good reason. Already possessing tremendous size, Roy intends to get even bigger. When asked about his goals, his only response is "get huge!" With many years of lifting experience, Roy defines the term "Team Player," coaching and offering sound advise on lifting techniques.

Sergeant James Mace is Team Cobra's founder and at 26, he is also the 2nd youngest member of the team. Like Robert Holley, James intends to put on as much mass as possible without resorting to steroids. Currently he is second only to Roy Barrera in size and strength. James wants the best of both worlds. That is to gain mass and definition at the same time. "I want it all, and I will have it. No excuses!"

At 34, Corporal Brent Devall is the 2nd oldest in Team Cobra. He has only recently gotten into bodybuilding, yet he has attacked it with a passion. Though he'd like to gain muscle mass, his main concern is getting his bodyfat down. "I look forward to working out every day. This is by far the best way for me to gain self confidence."

At age 21 and 140 pounds, Specialist Nic Fischer is both the youngest and the lightest member of the team. Like Chris Askew, Nic is already in tremendous shape and has little trouble with the Army Physical Fitness Test. Bodybuilding is the next level for him. His goal is to gain size and strength, without sacrificing definition and speed. According to Roy Barrera, this should not be difficult. "He has the potential and the determination. Now he just needs to start packing on the protein and calories."

And thus Team Cobra Bodybuilding has formed. The next chapter in our story will take place at Fort Polk, Louisiana. We will be there from the 5th to the 26th of January. This will pose another obstacle in our bodybuilding quest, as we will spend most of our time "in the field" and not have access to a gym. We will compensate for this through proper dieting and the use of calisthenics. There are many obstacles to overcome, and this is just one of them. We will not allow this to slow us down. I will have complete details of our trip when we return.

Now you know who we are. Upon our return from Louisiana, I will start our Training Notebook, and let you know about our workout regime and how it can work for those with a busy lifestyle. Final thought: If you want something bad enough; go for it and let nothing stop you. No excuses! See you on the 26th!

SGT James Mace
Team Cobra Bodybuilding

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