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Milos Sarcev's Seminar At The Koloseum Gym.

Called the Koloseum Gym, this is the Mecca of bodybuilding in Orange County, where many pros train and where Milos delivers his special training and nutrition seminar. Learn more about who was there, specific points discussed, and more.

Milos Sarcev's Seminar
At The Koloseum Gym - May 19, 2007

60 miles. That is the distance from my house to Milos Sarcev's gym, in Fullerton, California. Called the Koloseum Gym, this is the Mecca of bodybuilding in Orange County, where many pros train and where Milos delivers his special training and nutrition knowledge.

It used to be the Gold's Gym of Fullerton, and you can still see remnants of the name on the walls, but from the outside and in most parts inside, it is now known as the Koloseum.

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Posing Practice Demonstration.

The gym itself is pretty cool and very hardcore, on two floors. With lots of equipment everywhere, it's a bodybuilder's training paradise where you can grunt, drop heavy weights, and be a true bodybuilder without having to get hassled by someone who doesn't like to see you sweat.

Milos Sarcev on The Fit Show Milos Sarcev On Fit Show #52.
Milos takes his hardcore workout up ten notches, leading a small army of bodybuilders into a brutal workout!
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On the second floor, you have the cardio equipment, and where you can see an overview of what's going on down below. It was cool enough to have the big giant doors in the back open, and the fans were slowly moving about.

The building itself looks like one of those office type of buildings, and when you enter, the front desk is to the right, and Milos' offices are to the left. After the front desk, you have the supplement and clothing area where you can buy stuff, then the sales tables, and to the left of the sales tables, the juice bar, where you can buy your favorite special shakes.

Leo Ingram @ The Seminar.
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The Seminar Itself

When I got there for the seminar on May 19th at around 10:40 a.m., the place was pretty full. Immediately, I could tell that this was going to be special, that already there were 60+ people milling around, wondering what they got themselves into.

Milos was serious about this seminar, the discussion was to be held right in the center of the gym, where by 11:00 a.m., about 80-100 people were eagerly awaiting to see what happens next, and where the seminar will be going. We were told that it would be a 4 hour seminar (yes, Milos can talk that much), separated into Nutrition and Training, with other topics in between.

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Bird's-Eye View From Upstairs.

There were a lot of people and pros who came out, especially fans from the websites who heard about it from and It was nice to meet some of these people who hide behind their computer, and to my surprise, some of the guys are pretty big, even bigger than I am (I weigh 250 pounds, at 6'1" tall). That goes to say, you never know who is behind that name on a bulletin board. At least 10 people came up to me and said 'hello,' which was nice.

Victor Conte was there, the famous Balco figurehead who is still embroiled in lots of stories and rumors on the case, sparked by the interest since we all found out that some of baseball's most prized players may have been enjoying the special supplements.

So Victor was there, listening to the seminar, and also meeting some reporters, including one from the Los Angeles Times. Victor himself is a very nice guy, and I had the pleasure of talking and discussing a few of the most interesting tidbits that will be coming out in the news soon.

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Dennis James In The House.

Emeric Delczeg was also there, also somewhat involved in the Balco case, and is also an IFBB Pro Bodybuilder. Emeric was proud that he had developed a new type of gym equipment and proudly showed me how it worked. Emeric was also here to support and listen to the seminar.

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Mr. Romania & IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Emeric Delczeg
(As Himself) Trains Mike Zorillo (Gus Malliarodakis)
In Samuel Turcotte's "No Pain, No Gain: The Movie."

Melvin Anthony was here, the #5 ranked pro bodybuilder in the world currently. Melvin is now training with Milos, and was here to support the seminar and meet fans. There is no question that Melvin is one of the greatest posers in the sport, and during the second half of the seminar, talked and showed a little on how he does his posing.

You don't just go on stage and pose. You need to practice, and learn how to do it right. I wish that many of the pros would heed and listen and make the 3rd round somewhat excited with a good routine, instead of a slow one that they thought of the day before.

Melvin Anthony @ The Seminar.
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Melvin told me that he could practice for weeks at a time to make it flow just right. Melvin also had the courage to take of his shirt, and pose with Armin Scholtz, another IFBB pro, who was thinking of competing at the 2007 Colorado Pro just two weeks away. It was pretty cool to watch.

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German IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Armin Scholz.

Armin Scholtz, who flew in from Germany just 4 days before the seminar, looked very big and muscular, but he felt that he probably won't be ready in two weeks for the Colorado Show, even though many of us thought he could place a decent showing.

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Seminar Photos.

Armin said that most likely he will compete in the 2007 Europa Super Show, or the shows a few weeks right before the 2007 Olympia, as he wanted to be "just right" before he stepped on stage again. Armin owns a gym in Germany, but came out here to learn more from Milos.

Dennis James was here, fresh off his first place (oops, I mean second place) finish at the 2007 New York Pro a week ago. Dennis glared at me when I came in and asked me why I don't proclaim that he isn't GH15 on the Getbig boards (forum), that he comes under his own name, since I knew that.

Milos Sarcev @ The Seminar.
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So here it is for all to know: Dennis James isn't GH15 (that is another pro), and Dennis now will be happy that the truth is out there. Now Dennis was in shape. And big. And muscular. It is one thing to see a pro competitor on stage, but it is another thing to see one up close, right between two contests, still muscular and ripped.

You could tell that anyone that came up to him was extremely impressed, and still, the fans at the gym could not understand how Dennis James lost the New York Pro to Branch Warren. Yes, that was a sore subject here behind the scenes. Dennis, during the training part of the seminar, put on a spectacular show on how he trains, with about 15 various machines and dumbbells, which I think just impressed everyone at the gym, and was probably the most exciting part of the seminar.

Dennis Wolf was here, who just came from the New York Pro where he finished 3rd. Again, this guy looked huge, immense, and judging from his physique up close, could tell that this guy made vast improvements over last year, and that in the next weekend at the 2007 Keystone Classic, just might win it (it again will be a battle between Branch, Dennis James, and also Darrem Charles now). Dennis Wolf also wasn't too happy that he didn't win the NY Pro, as it could easily of been either Dennis or Dennis for the top spot.

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No Comment.

James "Flex" Lewis also came to support the seminar, but didn't want to pose or go up on stage. Still, it was nice to see him again, and he was looking at a Flex Magazine with his picture in it.

Danny Hester was here too, an NPC competitor from the 1990s, who placed 3rd a few times at the NPC USAs and Nationals middleweight. He two enjoyed the seminar, and it was interested to see him again.

Danny Hester
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Danny Hester.

But the big story (and yet it wasn't discussed), was on who wasn't here, and that was the rising star of the year, Silvio Samuel. Although Silvio was supposed to be at the seminar, he and Milos had various disagreements that escalated into a war of words on the boards over what exactly happened that led Silvio to stop using Milos less than a week before the seminar, and right after the NY Pro.

The final act which sealed it was Milos' posting unauthorized pictures of Silvio a few hours before the NY Pro show. But that was just one issue over a number of issues that caused the split. Who was Silvio's manager? Airplane tickets, hotel reservations, food situations, misrepresentations, and just a breakdown of communications in general - all contributed to it. In speaking to Silvio about it, he said he has nothing but respect for Milos, but it is time to move on.

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Melvin & Milos, And Lewis & Gethin.

The seminar itself was very motivational. Under an agreement with Chapman Media, they videotaped the 4-hour seminar, and will present it via DVD very soon.

It started with nutrition, as Milos has his own views on it, including the idea of taking a workout shake while you are training, not after it, and you should eat some form of protein every three hours, while also varying your protein. Here is a good post that sums of some of the seminar, which was posted in the's board (by BodySpace member "B.b. in stress!"), that sums up it nicely:

Various Nutrition Points

  1. Preached and preached on the importance of during workout shakes consisting of glucose or glucose polymers and whey.

  2. Don't believe that you have to wait post-workout for anabolism. In fact, its probably more anabolic to take a shake during the workout due to the increased blood flow that will only happen during training and therefore, the uptake of nutrients.

  3. Glucose takes about 3-5 minutes to assemble and metabolize combined with the fact that 80% of your blood flow goes to your muscles during training and you have a potent anabolic agent.

  4. Never ingest sugar alone!

  5. Protein at least 1g/lb of bodyweight; eat protein every three hours.

  6. Don't eat the same protein every meal day in and day out; you will become allergic to it.

  7. Insulin can be your best friend or worst enemy depending on the time of day.

  8. Carbs and Fat = Energy; Protein = Building agent. Therefore, you can eat 20,000 calories a day in carbs and fat but if you don't have protein, then you won't build any muscle.

  9. The trick to carbs is to find out how much your body can handle.

Shawn Ray & Silvio Samuel NOT @ The Seminar. LOL
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WMV (26.8 MB)

Various Training Points

  1. Always train at the highest amount of intensity as to allow the most muscle fibers recruited.

  2. When training for drop sets or giant sets, your rest should either be 0 seconds or under 10. When training a lagging body part under these principles, increase the intensity and add more sets.

What Is A Drop Set?
A drop set is a set where you do as many reps as you can with a certain weight, then immediately lower the weight and do more reps. There should be as little rest as possible between sets.

  1. The myth "You can't train different areas of the chest" was debunked; obviously, changing angles will stimulate different areas of the chest.

  2. Squeeze at the top of each rep no matter what the weight is.

  3. The #1 rule is to feel the muscle working meaning that you can go as heavy as you want as long as you can feel your muscle. Therefore, there really is no best exercise but rather what works for you.

  4. Training through an injury: you must feel the muscle work.

  5. Don't underestimate machines - they're almost as good as free weights.

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Dennis Wolf & Marvelous Melvin.

Various Posing Points

"Marvelous" Melvin Anthony talked to everyone about this as he was just about to leave:

  1. If you can't dance, don't do it... LOL.

  2. Learn how to transition from one pose to the next. The more you practice, the less shaking you'll do.

  3. Always open the hands when transitioning between movements as to allow a different focal point and make the movements seem more smooth.

  4. "Posing is something that you can't practice enough."

Some Miscellaneous Notes

  1. "Age is just a number." Example: Albert Beckles.

  2. "If you believe it, it will happen."

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If You Believe It, It Will Happen.

Obviously, there was a lot more, but it will be on DVD. I do also want to thank Milos and all of the pros who came to support the seminar. This was free for everyone, and probably one of the best informative seminars for those who truly like to hear the advice of one of the best trainers out there.

Afterwards, some of the guys started and trained using the techniques they learned, and from the comments, posts and e-mails that I received, all I heard that this was a great seminar, well worth the price of the gas to get there. Can't wait for the next one, which might be sometime in December of 2007.

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