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Bodybuilding Quest While Being Called To Duty!

Parts of our military are on a body transformation quest when they are called to duty. Check back for updates!

On 01 December 2001, about 40 members of the Army National Guard's 2nd Battalion, 116th Cavalry, will be called up to deploy to Bosnia. The stress and physical demands of a deployment such as this can all but end one's bodybuilding career for a while. Several of the soldiers deploying are into bodybuilding, but instead of giving up on their hopes and dreams; in good military fashion the most dedicated have formed a bodybuilding team. I have taken it upon myself to coach this team. With the cooperation of, we will keep you abreast of our teams progress. I hope to put out good information on training techniques, supplements, nutrition and movement. Like most people, our soldiers have unique goals and ambitions specific to bodybuilding. Following each of our individual stories will hopefully provide enough variety that everyone will profit and learn from our exploits.

The Bosnia Campaign is unique in many ways. We are there to defend American interests, as well as protecting the innocent from hatred and atrocities. However, unlike other military campaigns in progress at this time, we are not to go in "all guns blazing." Though lethal force is readily at our disposal should the need arise, we are there primarily to pacify situations before they get out of hand. This requires extensive retraining of our soldiers to meet the demands of this campaign. We will start training on 01 December, and will continue until early March, at which time we will depart for Bosnia. Those of us on the bodybuilding team, which I have called Team Cobra, have determined to use this situation to our advantage.

As we form our team, I will provide bios on everyone as they become available. I will also provide "before" pictures as soon as I can. Please note that this is not like other challenges where you see obese individuals become fit and strong. All of the soldiers on Team Cobra are already in respectable shape and are looking to reach their next level, be it getting cut, putting on 25 pounds of lean mass, whatever. Each team member will cover his own goals and updates as we progress. The results may seem as drastic as other challenges, but I feel that it is better that way. Too often you see athletes already in decent shape, yet they can't seem to bust the plateau that separates the elite from the average. This is our goal. Next we will cover our team members bios. I guess a good place to start would be my own…

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Updates - Check back all the time for updates on Team Cobra...

Timeline - See all the progress Team Cobra has made! Updated with new pictures of before and after coming soon.