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Michelle Hanson Muscle Building Program

Michelle Hanson knows that the first step to a great female body is building the right shape. What that means, ladies, is that you have to start earning some sexy, toned, womanly muscle!

Michelle Hanson Muscle Building Program

Michelle Hanson Muscle Building Program

Michelle Hanson knows what it takes to build the body of a Greek Goddess (she looks like Aphrodite's apprentice). Turns out she isn't Greek, so we'll just have to call her Goddess. Regardless, the curvaceous, yet toned body of Goddess Hanson is enough to make Zeus fall off his cloud. Those two contradictory descriptors may seem like an oxymoron, but one look at her body and you'll agree that "curvaceous-toned" should be a new word in the dictionary … with Michelle's picture next to it of course.

Michelle works out every day without fail. Even on her "rest" day, she still does an hour of cardio. In addition to maintaining her lean physique with cardio, Michelle (I mean Goddess) hits the weights like a madwoman. She knows that she needs a significant amount of lean muscle mass to look her best, and actually scoffs at women who fall for the "female myth" of not lifting weights for fear of becoming bulky. If you're ready to look your best, and tired of having your husband open the pickle jar, then pick up a weight and follow Michelle's muscle building program.

Michelle Hanson's Fitness Program

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Muscle Building Regimen


      Calories: 1,254

      Fats: 30g

      Protein: 116g

    Carbs: 126.5g

Meal 1:

  • egg whites

    egg whites

    5 oz Calories: 74
    Fats: 0 g| Protein 15g| Carbs 1g

  • oatmeal


    1/3 cup Calories: 1
    Fats: 0g| Protein 1g| Carbs 6g

  • peanut butter

    natural peanut butter

    1 tbsp Calories: 92
    Fats: 8g| Protein 4 g| Carbs 3g

Protein 20g   |   Carbs 10g   |   Fat 8g   | Calories 203

Meal 2:

Protein 20g   |   Carbs 10g   |   Fat 8g   | Calories 203

Meal 3:

Protein 27g   |   Carbs 42g   |   Fat 0g   | Calories 289

Meal 4:

  • yogurt

    Greek yogurt

    4 oz Calories: 90
    Fats: 0 g| Protein 10g| Carbs 13g

  • berries


    1/4 cup Calories: 21
    Fats: 0g| Protein 0g| Carbs 5g

Protein 10g   |   Carbs 18g   |   Fat 0g   | Calories 111

Meal 5:

  • tilapia


    4 oz Calories: 109
    Fats: 2g| Protein 23g| Carbs 0g

  • salad

    mixed green salad

    2 cups Calories: 18
    Fats: 0g| Protein 2g| Carbs 4g

  • broccoli


    1 cup Calories: 27
    Fats: 0g| Protein 3g| Carbs 5g

  • almonds


    1 oz Calories: 168
    Fats: 15g| Protein 6g| Carbs 6g

Protein 34g   |   Carbs 15g   |   Fat 17g   | Calories 323

Meal 6:

Protein 18g   |   Carbs 1.5g   |   Fat 0g   | Calories 85


Day 1: Legs

Day 2: Glutes

Day 3: Upper Body

Day 4: Abs/Glutes

Day 5: Abs/Glutes

Day 6: Abs/Cardio

Day 7: Cardio


Morning and Evening


With Meals 1 and 3

Pre Cardio

Pre Workout

Post Workout

Before Bed

Michelle Hanson's Personal Philosophy

I have learned to live by the motto: do you eat to live or live to eat? After competing for several years I learned that you will win some and lose some. If you go into this with the attitude that you are competing against yourself you can have so much fun with the sport.

The dedication and discipline it took for me to transform my body into the shape that it is currently in, is the same dedication and discipline that I now apply to my everyday life and in my job.

I now know there is not one thing in life that I can't achieve with the knowledge and understanding that I have from my experiences through training and competing.

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