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Michelle Hanson Fitness 360 -- Follow Her Program!

With one of the hottest bodies and warmest personalities around, Michelle Hanson is super-excited to share her training and nutrition for a fantastic feminine physique.

Michelle Hanson Fitness 360 -- Follow Her Program!

Michelle Hanson Fitness 360 -- Follow Her Program

Michelle Hanson is the epitome of a blonde bombshell, and everything about her oozes sex appeal. The cover of her "book" may be what gets your attention (and you're reluctant to turn the page), but Michelle also has a lot of depth. And we have a feeling you'll enjoy her story.

Michelle has always had a passion for fitness. Professional modeling and competion in fitness shows was a natural progression. According to her, there's just something about modeling that draws her in and leaves her wanting more. We fully support that, Michelle!

Michelle is someone who strives for the best in everything she sets out to accomplish, and accepts nothing less of herself. It's that drive and determination (well maybe her good looks too) that almost guarantees that she'll reach her goal of being a pro bikini competitor. We have a sneaking suspicion that she'll be gracing the winning podium with her presence very soon.

Michelle Hanson's Fitness Program

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