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The Macrobolic Nutrition Phenomenon.

Find out about the macrobolic nutrition phenomenon and what it can do for you!

45/35/20 Macrobolic Nutrition Better Balanced Performance Nutrition

The Macrobolic Nutrition program is a new way of eating that's designed for you to accomplish all of your fitness goals and improve your overall health, performance levels and well-being. It's based on a 45/35/20 ratio of carbohydrates, proteins and fats.

This revolutionary diet ratio is labeled "The Lean Mass Equation" and is explained in detail in the new book by MHP President Gerard Dente, "Macrobolic Nutrition - Discover How to Unleash the Anabolic Effects of Food".

In this reveal-all handbook, you'll gain access to in-depth explanations of the 45/35/20 Macrobolic ratio, simple but delicious muscle building Macrobolic recipes, and a detailed muscle fiber blasting training program that you can use to get your best body ever!

45% Carbohydrates

    You need carbohydrates. In fact, a recent study on carbohydrates and athletic performance concluded that, "diets containing less than 42% carbohydrates do not meet the energy demands or provide adequate glycogen stores for bodybuilders and their intense workouts".*

    Because you deserve the best possible results from your training, Macrobolic Nutrition prescribes that 45% of your total calories come from carbs-but not just any types of carbs. Using the latest groundbreaking research in nutrition technology, The Macrobolic Nutrition program places great emphasis on the quality of carbohydrates using the Glycemic Index (GI).

    Under Macrobolic Nutrition guidelines, you'll be avoiding high GI carbs such as sugar and refined white starches, and consuming more of low glycemic carbs like oatmeal, brown rice and yams.

35% Protein

    Protein is of utmost importance for supporting lean muscle tissue. The key to Macrobolic Nutrition is to eat enough protein to maintain a positive nitrogen balance and create an anabolic environment.

    Just as important are the protein sources high in the "critical 5" amino acids: glutamine, arginine and branch chain amino acids - leucine, isoleucine and valine. With Macrobolic Nutrition, you'll be eating quality, great-tasting protein sources loaded with the "critical 5".

    Chicken, lean meat, eggs and low-fat dairy are all on the menu. Don't like dairy? Don't worry - you can customize your Macrobolic diet to your liking, eating only the protein sources you desire!

20% Fats

    Fats are critical to health and performance. They're also necessary for stabilizing the digestive and hormonal environment. Yet, most people either cut fats out of their diet completely or eat entirely too much of them.

    Macrobolic Nutrition prescribes that a moderate 20% of your calories should come from the fat contained within your protein sources and from additional sources supplying EFA's such as olive oil, borage oil and flaxseed oil.

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