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Met-Rx 100% Ultramyosyn Whey Protein Review: Protein For Muscle Building!

Ultramyosyn Whey suits my nutritional needs perfectly. This makes my life easy, as I don't always have the time to fry steak... Find out if this is for you.

Met-Rx 100% Ultramyosyn Whey Review
By Matt Canning

Met-Rx 100% Ultramyosyn Whey

Excellent Source Of Protein! Provides Essential Amino Acids!

I went to the Mr. Olympia contest and expo this past September . I had previously went to the Arnold Classic in February and enjoyed it immensely, so I figured I would check out the Mr. Olympia contest. I was lucky to have company this time around, as two of my friends expressed an interest and tagged along with me.

The trip was half business and half entertainment for me because I knew I could use the expo as a chance for networking, yet could also have a fun time checking out the various exhibitions available and the Mr. Olympia contest itself.

I have tried many different protein powders at this point and the friendly people at the Met-RX booth including Peter Putnam (Nationals competitor and sponsored bodybuilder) gave me a free five-pound tub of chocolate-flavored Met-Rx 100% Ultramyosyn Whey.

It looked like a high-quality protein powder judging solely based on the appearance. Although they say not to judge a book by its cover, the reality is that often a good product appearance and marketing campaign will go hand in hand with good research and development and a high quality product.

Each 30-gram scoop of 100% Ultramyosyn Whey contains 120 calories, of which 20 calories are from fat (only two grams of fat) with three grams of carbohydrates and a big 22 grams of protein which is quite ideal for a post-workout shake. In addition, the blend contains various amino acids and calcium in every scoop.

My choice for drinking the chocolate protein was to mix it in a blender with one banana and with milk. I generally choose skim milk, although I am not opposed to using any type of milk, I just happen to opt for skim since it is highest in protein and lowest in fat.

I have also mixed the protein powder in with creatine by Betancourt Nutrition which was also provided to me free for review by the Betancourt Nutrition booth by Jorge Betancourt himself. I found that the chocolate did not go well with the fruit-flavored creatine, and if you wish to mix a fruit-flavored creatine or glutamine with this brand of protein powder, I would recommend that you purchase the strawberry flavor, as it only makes sense to mix them that way.

My choice for drinking the chocolate protein was to mix it in a blender with one banana and with milk.
"My choice for drinking the chocolate protein was to mix it in a blender with one banana and with milk."

No complaints here! I liked the taste of this low-fat protein powder blend and it went down easy leaving no bad after taste. I think that you will feel the same way as it is flavorful with no grainy or off taste to it.


I mixed the protein powder in a blender with a banana and skim milk and sometimes used a creatine powder too. It mixed very well and created a thick shake which tasted good and did not have much in the way of an inconsistent feel to it. I think you will find the same thing. I didn't mix it in a cup with water or milk so I can only go based on my experiences with the shakes made in a blender, but it definitely did mix well in that way.


Never in my life have I had a problem with digesting any type of protein powder and I have never had problems drinking milk either and the same can be applied to the Met-Rx blend here. It went down easy and I enjoyed it. The only supplement I ever had a problem with was SuperPump250 by Gaspari Nutrition - very effective stuff, but I can understand why some people call it "SuperDump" .


As with all of my protein powder reviews, it is difficult for me to assess the effectiveness of a protein powder since it is a food supplement. It is the same calories but simply in a more convenient form.

I like the nutritional breakdown of this product and it suits my nutritional needs perfectly and does so in a way which makes my life easy as I don't always have the time to fry steak multiple times in a day! That said, this protein passes my standards when it comes to quality.

Overall Review

This is a great supplement by a great company and my experience at the expo was that they truly do care about their customer base. The protein comes in five flavors.

cookies and peanut butter
  • Chocolate
  • Cookies N' Cream
  • Peanut Butter Cup
  • Strawberry
  • Vanilla

I tried the chocolate, but I would be happy to try samples of all the other flavors too. I quite liked the chocolate and I'm sure that Met-Rx's standards apply across the board to all the flavors they produce.

The protein costs $39.99 for a five-pound tub, so I suppose it all comes down to budget. Cheaper blends are available, but the cost of whey has gone up and that has effected essentially every whey protein product available on the market. All in all, this is a good product for a decent price and I definitely give it my approval.

Met-Rx 100% Ultramyosyn Whey Review
By Peter S.

Ultramyosyn Whey by Met-Rx represents their attempt at the moderately priced whey protein market. Met-Rx has shifted their attention away from powerlifting consumers and towards the more profitable and pervasive bodybuilding minded consumer.

The product is priced very economically and, in fact, less than Optimum's 100% whey—the gold standard by which moderately priced whey proteins are usually judged.

With a typical price of approximately 20% less than Optimum's 100% whey, Ultramyosyn Whey represents a competitive product, but how well does it compare to Optimum in terms of taste, consistency, and ingredient profile is another matter. Let's take a deeper look at this contender.


The taste of Ultramyosyn Whey (chocolate) is fairly rich and thankfully not overly sweet. The chocolate flavor is by no means comparable to something like Syntha-6, however it is flavorful and drinking the protein with nothing more than milk presents no problems.

With the addition of a banana, Ultramyosyn Whey and milk makes a delicious shake. The solubility of the powder is fairly high. Although it is an instantized product, the product does not dissolve as easily as some other proteins when mixed with a spoon in a large glass. I noticed that the product becomes considerably viscous when over-mixed in a blender. The incidence of much dreaded protein lumps was a rare occurrence thankfully.

Met-rx whey protein
Ingredient Profile

The ingredient profile of this whey represents a solid run-of-the-mill "standard" whey protein formula that is, for the most part, a very common formula found in most products in this price range. The primary ingredient in Ultramyosyn Whey is whey protein concentrate, followed by whey protein isolate.

Although the product contains whey protein isolate, the ratio of this ingredient compared to concentrate is unknown. Unlike Optimum's whey, where whey isolate is the first ingredient, Ultramyosyn Whey contains predominantly concentrate, an ingredient generally less sought out than isolate.

The product is void of any added digestive enzymes that are found in Optimum's product. Although the benefits afforded by the addition of digestives enzymes to a whey product are not always completely clear. This is another area where this whey does not keep up with Optimum. The sweeteners used in this whey are non caloric and aspartame free, a concern many people have when choosing a whey protein.

Overall Review

In conclusion, Ultramyosyn Whey by Met-Rx offers a quality concentrate and isolate blend that is sure to satisfy most gym-goers needs. The product is competitively priced, tastes reasonably well and mixes smoothly. I recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a quality, value priced whey product.

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