Implants: The Hell I Went Through!

Are you finally at that stage where you are tired of looking at the competitor next to you with perfect symmetry, lean and vascular, with those C-cup breasts? And you finally say...

Are you finally at that stage where you are tired of looking at the competitor next to you, perfect symmetry, lean and vascular, with those "C" cup breast? And you finally say, "That's it! I have to get implants!!

Do Your Homework

Well, you sure better do your homework. I have been working with female athletes for about 20 of my 42 years on this planet. I have seen almost every type of "boob job" that exists out there. And I am here to tell you very few look aesthetically correct. I am also one who has experienced a very common mistake made among bodybuilding and fitness girls. Going under the muscle.

Brenda Kelly, Me, Valentina Chepiga

Breast augmentation is so common now, that you can actually get bargain implants, as pathetic as that sounds. Like everything else in life, you get what you pay for. I, on the other hand, went to an extremely reputable surgeon who is in a hospital, not a clinic. That was a big factor for me. If he is in a hospital, he must be good. And if anything possibly could go wrong, well, I am already in the hospital.

The Implants

Fitness competitors, surround me more because of my work, than I am with fellow bodybuilders. So when I announced my plan to get implants, of course "under the muscle" was the way to go. Most of the fitness competitors are young, and not really into serious weight training, so naturally they will say go under the muscle. Normal women always go under the muscle. I guess it has to do with the pectorals holding the implant in place.

Well, when you can stand in front of a mirror and see a nice clean crevasse down the center of your chest with obvious horizontal lines we know as striations, you better think twice about the under the muscle procedure.

Under The Muscle
Partially Under The Muscle
Over The Muscle

When I went in for my consultation, the first thing out of my mouth was that I am a bodybuilder, I must be able to show off my pectorals and I need the implants under the muscle. Now, I have been pumping iron since 1978 when I had my own dumbbells in my house. The doctor took one look at my chest and said, "Of course you ARE aware of the fact that once the implants go under that chest, you will not lift weights the same way ever again." I was fine with that. I had been convinced by my girls I needed under the muscle.

When It Was Over

When the surgery was over, he told me he had never cut through that much pectoral muscle in his entire career and was very concerned. The pain was so intense I did not want to even breath. Most notable, that pain did not go away for over a month! After about 6 weeks I was able to actually see what I had to that degree. At 5' 8", and 135 lbs., I went for a 350 cc low profile teardrop saline implant. Did not look like a normal breast. I just figured it would slowly lie in place. Two months later, I am in the gym lifting 10 and 20lb. Dumbbells, and I noticed my left implant was about 2 full inches higher than the right. So I called up Doc and panicked.

A Good Example Of The Left Implant About 2 Full Inches Higher Than The Right

My implants were being pushed by my pectorals. I had to go in for a second surgery to have the left one lowered 3 months after my first surgery. Now this is February. By May I noticed it had moved again. Still not lifting more than the 45 lb bar for bench press, and even doing side lateral's hurt. And, I had more boob out to the side of my chest than in front. In June I went into the Doctor in tears and pleaded to him to please fix this horrible mess. His reply was "Now, if you listen to me, we will take the saline out from under your pectorals and put a silicone on top. As lean as you get for competition, the salines, unless filled to capacity will have all kinds of ripples and look horrible. So I finally agreed on an anatomical Silicone gel, 450cc over the muscle.

The second I woke up from the surgery I felt a relief I will never forget. After a whole year of not being able to breath correctly or pump iron like I love so much, I felt I could move again. It has been almost two years now and no matter how lean I get you can't see the line of the implant. They feel so real. My only complaint is I have a hard time not squeezing them .

From the mistake I made part of my left pectoral is destroyed. The hard saline under the muscle rubbed the muscle to the point where it was so damaged the doctor spent two hours just sewing tissue back together. Fortunately the new implant covers that area enough.


I am aware that I will have to replace these silicones for fresh ones eventually, but by then I am sure I will need a lift anyway . I have many girls that have the saline over the muscle, and as long as they are filled to capacity, they look fine on a lean body as well. I personally did not want them because they are hard. After that whole experience, as I shared it with clients and fellow competitors, I was amazed at the amount of girls with the same experience.

In conclusion, please be logical about your breast augmentation. If you do not have a lot of muscular development in your pectoral area, then absolutely go under the muscle. But like I said previously, if you have enough to notice, be wise, and kind to yourself. And do not let the doctor talk you in to otherwise.

And most important, ENJOY THEM!!