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NBA Power Conditioning.

Anybody who thinks that strength training isn't for basketball players is dead wrong. Coach Foran of the Miami Heat explains why it's important, and how the coaches of the NBCCA can help all basketball players reach their potential through proper...

    Anybody who thinks that strength training isn't for basketball players is dead wrong. Coach Foran of the Miami Heat explains why it's important, and how the coaches of the NBCCA can help all basketball players reach their potential through proper training.

Now more than ever, we know what it takes to be a superbly conditioned basketball player. At the pro and major-college levels you can see how that knowledge changed the physical makeup and moves of athletes. Compare the often skinny and sometimes slow players of the 60s and 70s to the high-powered players of the 90s, and you'll see how much bigger, stronger and faster athletes are now.

The problem is that the physical-conditioning information and programs that produced today's elite basketball athletes were effectively shared with only a small portion of players and coaches at the college, high school and middle school levels. We, the National Basketball Conditioning Coaches Association, wanted to change that.

In NBA Power Conditioning, NBA conditioning coaches make all aspects of training clear and understandable. Even more important to you, we present exercises, drills, workouts, programs and a nutritional plan you can use to become a highly-conditioned, more powerful and better basketball player.

The Book

The book is divided into three parts.

Part I is titled "Power Preparation." The first chapter emphasizes how to improve flexibility and take care of your body before and after workouts to improve performance and help prevent injury.

In chapter two, we provide nutritional guidance to help improve conditioning and performance. At that point, you're ready for chapter three, which outlines the year-round conditioning guidelines, including an off-season program to establish the conditioning base for preseason practice.

Part II, "Power Base Strength," shows how to put more muscle on your bones and in your game. If you're unable to shoot the 3-pointer with ease or out muscle opponents for rebounds, this section is a must for you.

Chapter four presents a full selection of strengthening exercises for the entire body. Chapter five puts these exercises into effective programs you can select form to achieve optimal, functional muscle development.

Because power is associated with how much force you produce to move from one point to another in a certain period of time, part III, "Power in Motion," presents exercises and drills to add speed, quickness and agility to the strength you develope from the exercises and programs in part II. It includes chapters on plyometrics, speed training, and agility training that will take you to a higher level of performance.

"Basketball Conditioning Power Rating System" (chapter nine) and "Complete Power Conditioning Program" (chapter ten) will help you monitor and fine-tune your training for maximum results. Provided in the back of the book are the anatomy muscle drawings and corresponding exercise muscle reference charts. A handy list of definitions is provided in the back of the book for easy reference if you come across a term you don't know.

Any basketball player who follows the principles and programs and who performs the exercises, drills and workouts as instructed will be a leaner, stronger, quicker, faster, healthier and most of all, more powerful player. Don't expect instant results but do expect success as the components of our Power Conditioning Program begin to take effect.

We encourage you to set goals for each part of the conditioning program, based on your initial Basketball Conditioning (BC) Power Rating in each of the eight tests. Monitor your progress with testing at monthly intervals.

A Warning: Think long term, not short term.

Athletes who try to get in shape all at once usually become disappointed or injured. Determine where you would like to be physically in one year, including your body weight, strength, speed and BC Power Rating. If you're realistic, positive and diligent about your power conditioning, you'll reach the goals you set.

The NBCCA wishes you great success with your conditioning and game!

NBA Power Conditioning:

The best men and women basketball players get bigger, stronger and quicker each season. Now these players can put more power into their game with 122 exercises and drills and expert training information from the National Basketball Coditioning. Learn why and how you can get better!
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Bill Foran
President, National Basketball Conditioning Coaches Association
Strength and Conditioning Coach, Miami Heat