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Matt's 12-Week Transformation Guide, Part 1: Overview

While these transformation steps are going to be on, know that bodybuilding is only one part of the 'Big Picture'.

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Congratulations on deciding to transform yourself over the next few weeks. We hope that you have a fun, rewarding journey that will teach you new aspects about health and fitness. Hopefully you will find out new things about yourself you never knew before deciding to make the changes!

While these transformation steps are going to be on, know that bodybuilding is only one part of the "Big Picture." First and foremost, this transformation is about your health. Whether you have a history of certain illnesses in your family or if you simply want more energy for your career or to play with your kids, your health is the primary reason why you are following these recommendations.

Many people read "body transformation" articles and books, especially around the beginning of the year, for reasons other than their health. Some examples include wanting to look hot when going out for social events, others want to finally bench press 300 pounds, and others want to prove somebody wrong who said that the person could never be skinny, be muscular, etc.

All of these motivations can be used as catalysts to get you started; but remember that your health is the number one priority. We will emphasize safety and common sense throughout the articles. In later sections, we will discuss motivation and how to stay enthusiastic even if you haven't exercised in years or if you have people attempting to sabotage your newfound desire to get in terrific shape.

Focus On The Fun!

Seeing your body make amazing changes is fun! Yes, you may have to make some decisions and commitments that may not feel fun at first; but the trade-off is worth it. By improving your health, energy levels, and lean muscle mass you will find a whole new world open to you.

If you think back to when you were a kid, chances are that some of your favorite memories were when you discovered something new. Maybe it was discovering that you could play music, discovering how to climb a fence, or discovering a new part of the neighborhood when you and your friends rode your bikes together for the first time.

Keep this fun sense of discovery with you throughout your transformation and remember to have fun with it. And here's a little secret—the more fun you have at something, the easier it tends to be!

Social Reasons

Making a change can be fun if you do so with others. If you have a friend or family member who also has wanted to get in shape, then make a plan to commit to each other and help each other reach realistic goals. Working out with your friends is a great way to laugh, trust each other, and have fun during this time.


If you are someone who is motivated by competition, consider a competitive goal to help you focus on having fun during this time. If you have always wanted to enter a bodybuilding contest or figure competition, pick a date a few months away and decide to enter it. You even may pay the entry fee ahead of time to motivate yourself.

If you are someone who is motivated by competition, consider a competitive goal to help you focus on having fun during this time.
"If you are someone who is motivated by competition, consider a competitive goal to help you focus on having fun during this time."

Have you ever wanted to try out a new sport? Perhaps you played football in high school and have not exercised in recent years due to work and family commitments. Look in your local newspapers or check out's Competition Search and find out if a sport you have always wanted to try or bodybuilding competition is available in your area.

Talk with the athletes, find out what is needed to play the sport, and then have fun getting in shape so that you can have even more fun when you are competing in the new sport.


Perhaps you are motivated by signs of accomplishment. You can have lots of fun setting up ways to measure your accomplishments! For example, you can take a picture of yourself every day holding that day's newspaper. Take the picture at roughly the same time of day, wearing similar-colored clothing.

As you make progress, look at the pictures or even create an online "slide show." Then you can have fun watching how much progress you have made from the first day!

You also may have fun when you accomplish a certain level of fitness because you can then do something noble, like run a 5K race for charity. Not only will you have fun because you accomplished something, but your accomplishment potentially can better the lives of other people. In addition, exercise will help you reduce stress.

What To Do When You Reach Your Goals

When you accomplish your goals, inspire others to make terrific strides in their health habits.
"When you accomplish your goals, inspire others to make terrific strides in their health habits."

Many books and articles never give you encouragement or instruction on what to do after you finally reach your goals. If your biggest goal was to simply lose 30 pounds, even if you were able to reach your goal despite the "loss-oriented" language, what do you do next?

This book was written to give you the mental tools to make exercising more fun, defuse those people who might hinder you, and help you overcome mental obstacles to having healthy habits. It was also designed to remind you that you are more than just your appearance or your clothing size!

When you accomplish your goals, you will have the skills to be much more of a fun person! Assuming that you are injury-free, made great progress, and have reached your original goals you can now:

  • Aim toward more intense goals, such as competing in a sport
  • Maintain your physique with solid knowledge of what to do
  • Inspire others to make terrific strides in their health habits
  • Ensure that you are motivated by positive goals
  • Volunteer with more energy
  • Spend more time with your kids/grandkids
  • Get your finances in order
  • Go back to school or take fun classes
  • Get a new job
  • Have more fun with a significant other
  • Take vacations requiring more physical exertion (such as trips for skiing or hiking)

Get involved, inspire others, become a mentor to others, and benefit by being motivated by wonderful, noble goals that both challenge and inspire you!

Finally, if you have enjoyed the process of transforming yourself and want a career change then consider getting involved in the health and fitness industry in some way. Here are just some of the ways in which you can begin to make a career transition into health and fitness:

  • Become a certified personal trainer
  • Open up your own gym or gym franchise
  • Write for one of the fitness magazines
  • Set up a health and fitness-related website
  • Work for one of the supplement companies
  • Make arrangements with corporations to help their employees get in shape
  • Go back to school and get a degree in nutrition or other health-related subject


Now that you have an idea of what is in store for you, it's time to get to work. Let's move to the next article where we will begin your training.

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