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Matt Biss' 16-Week Transformation - A Plan Of Action To Lose 35 Lbs: Part 3! Customer Service Rep 'Muscle Mania' Matt Biss is taking on a 16-week plan of action to lose 35 pounds. Follow along with Matt's journey in this motivating video series!

Matt Biss

Vital Stats:

Name: Matt Biss
BodySpace: MuscleManiaMatt
BodyBlog: "Rave Rant"

Current Weight: 208 lbs

Matt Biss' Progress
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At this point in time, we are well past the halfway point in my 16-week transformation. The original goal was about a 35-pound drop in body fat, so I am only somewhat behind at about 20 pounds.

I am going to continue to modify my workout to up my caloric output. I'm continuing with my six training days per week (see previous article for details), with a three day split. The first half of the week will be heavier, strength-based compound movements with moderate rest. It will be followed by half hour cardio, which will consist of swimming or the stairmaster.

Progress Video Update - Back Workout

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I am absolutely committed to this goal, and even if I haven't been perfect to date, I WILL be successful.

This time around I found my energy levels and motivation somewhat lackluster, so I brought in a workout partner from Customer Service, Anabolic Adam, to help spur me along. He kept up with me (actually, I was trying to keep up with him!), and he helped push me along to complete my workouts.

Please reference the video for full details and commentary on this round of workouts.