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The Devil Is In The Details!

There are many details you want to make sure to get right in order to get the diet as effective as possible.

You Can't Over Look The Details

There are many details you want to make sure to get right in order to get your diet as effective as possible. Here are a few pointers:

Keep Your Muscle Mass!

This is redundant advice for a bodybuilder, but for the rest of you, take note that your muscles are your best friend and allies in the quest to get rid of body fat! Simply put, muscles burn calories around the clock, even as you sleep. The more muscle mass you have, the more calories will be burned, allowing you to eat more, and still lose weight!

Eat Fiber!

Fiber is a great friend to have when the hunger pangs set in. Being largely indigestible and low in calories, fiber will fill you up for a long time. For added benefit, make sure to drink a lot of water.

In addition to keeping the hunger away, it will keep your digestive system primed for optimal nutrition absorption and can even have cancer-preventing qualities, as well.

Use Supplements To Your Advantage!

Some sports supplements can do wonders to help you burn off the unwanted body fat. Others are bogus at best, counterproductive at worst. Do your homework before buying!

Eat Fat!

There are different kinds of fat, and what you want are the healthier kinds. Saturated fat from animal sources is generally to be avoided, but it is equally important to get enough fat from vegetable and fish sources every day.

Strange as it may sound, cutting all fat from your diet is a sure-fire way of making sure the love handles won't go away! When eating, apply common sense - some saturated fat is unavoidable, but make a conscious effort to get most of your fat from olive oil, fish, sunflower seeds, nuts, and similar sources. Above all, keep your calm and don't fret the details so much that you lose sight of the big picture!

Keep Lifting Weights!

Like we already concluded, your best friends in this endeavor are your muscles. When dieting, you run a serious risk of losing muscle mass. However, this can largely be thwarted by smart training! Weight training, as opposed to cardiovascular training, will tell your body a simple message: "I have use for these, so hands off!"

Avoid Simple Carbohydrates!

The only time you want to get even close to simple carbohydrates is immediately after a workout. At all other times, you want to avoid them like the plague in order to dodge the sudden insulin-spikes they trigger. Learn to use the Glycemic Index to your advantage!

Keep The Protein Intake Up!

Protein is the key nutrient for maintaining your muscle mass. If you lack protein, your body will start cannibalizing itself in no-time!

The rule of thumb is to take in at least one gram of protein per pound of bodyweight (roughly two grams per kilogram). A big guy might require slightly more, but don't go nuts. Unless you're a professional bodybuilder, you have no business chugging 5 protein drinks a day along with 12 chicken breasts and 26 egg whites!

Drink Water!

Get a minimum of 8 glasses per day. If you work out or do something strenuous, bring a bottle to sip throughout the whole thing.

Avoid caffeine and alcohol, as they will dehydrate you. Don't rely on your thirst to tell you when it's time to drink!

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