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Recipes For Mass!

Check out these awesome homemade recipes for bulking up in the off season. Learn how to eat right and keep the taste!

Holidays are here and I am reminded how over the years I have created an assortment of recipes to aid me in bodybuilding. I'm not sure when it was, but one day I began to realize the need to make supplements taste good (or better) and have access to a variety of " muscle builders" without having to purchase new products. Nutrition is one of the most important aspects of bodybuilding—consuming enough macronutrients for energy and growth, particularly while bulking up, and enough micronutrients to fight off catabolism and aid in such things as metabolism—aside from sleeping and actually lifting.

So, why did I decide to share some of my favorite homemade recipes with you? To make your life easier! Actually, I like to gloat about my culinary abilities and here is a way to share it with the world.

The only supplement that these recipes make use of is protein powder although I don't really consider it a supplement anymore. Some of the recipes will require special equipment such as an ice-cream maker. In some recipes I specify a certain flavor of protein or extract; feel free to change that flavor but make sure that if you do, you change the flavor of other things in the recipe. If you want to use a different, say, protein powder, then by all means go for it. Just be sure to realize the change in the nutrient profile.

Muscle Nog

Who doesn't like egg nog? In the store it can be pretty expensive and come with some wacky ingredients. Here's a more healthful solution to the staple holiday drink.


      1-? C. Whole Milk

      ? C. Cream

      ? C. Egg Beaters

      2 T. Sugar

      1 T. Splenda (sucralose)

      ? T. Ground nutmeg

    ? T. Pumpkin Pie Spice


Mix all ingredients together in a shaker bottle and shake. On a cold day, heat it up in the microwave.

Click here for a printable version of the 'Muscle Nog' recipe.

Super Syrup

I created this recipe to have access to a good source of mixed carbohydrates and something to quickly sweeten my food. It eventually became my sweetener of choice. It provides several types of complex and simple carbohydrates as well as vitamins and minerals. Note: this contains no HFCS.


      1 C. Honey

      ? C. Brown Rice Syrup

      ? C. Dark Corn Syrup

    ? C. Blackstrap Molasses


Find yourself a squirt bottle (like an empty honey bottle) or jar that is at least 20oz. Combine the ingredients in the container and thoroughly mix by shaking or stirring. This mixing may take a while. Once the contents no longer appear to have separate parts, the mixture is complete.

Click here for a printable version of the 'Super Syrup' recipe.

Bulking Ice Cream

I created this recipe in response to my friends' unwillingness to drink milk. He was trying to bulk up but is very picky about his food and only liked milk in ice-cream form. So, as any good friend, I conjured up a large batch of this ice cream for him to keep at home as a delicious source of fat, carbs, and protein. This recipe is designed for 1-1/2 quart capacity ice cream makers.



      3 C. Whole Milk

      ? C. Heavy Cream

      3 T. Super Syrup

      3 scoops

"Optimum" 100% Whey Protein

      (Mint Chocolate)

      ? t. Peppermint Extract

    4 T. Butterscotch Topping


Combine all ingredients except for the butterscotch in a large shaker bottle or blender. Shake very, very well. Be sure the Super Syrup and protein powder is completely distributed. Once that is done, pour the mixture into a bowl and allow it to sit until the bubbles have dissipated.

The mixture is now ready to be prepared according to the manufacturers directions that came with your particular ice cream maker. When the ice cream gets to the point where it looks done, pour in the butterscotch and allow it to turn for about 1 minute in order to produce butterscotch swirls. After that, scoop the ice cream into a container and store in the freezer (of course! It all makes sense now).

Click here for a printable version of the 'Bulking Ice Cream' recipe.

Powder Free Protein Smoothie

When I first started lifting weights I didn't know about protein powders so I created a protein shake out of regular food. I have improved on the original recipe. This one is for those of you who either hate protein powders or just want something without them. Don't underestimate this smoothie. It is packed full of micro and macronutrients as well as potent phytochemicals.


      1 C. Fat Free Milk

      1 C. Fat Free Vanilla Yogurt

      1/3 C. Frozen Blueberries

      1/4 C. Frozen Cherries

      1/2 C. Egg Beaters

    1 Banana


Quite simple to prepare is this recipe. Toss all of the ingredients into a blender and blend until smooth. Oh, ahem, then drink what was blended.

Makes 1 serving.

Click here for a printable version of the 'Powder Free Protein Smoothie' recipe.

MASSive Protein Shake

A homemade super mass gainer is what this is. I created this because I wasn't happy with the mass gainer powders on the market. This'll give you what you need to get big? just keep an eye on your waist-line.


      1-? C. Whole Milk

      1 C. Whole Milk Vanilla Yogurt

      1 T. Light Olive Oil

      3 T. Super Syrup

      1 scoop

"Optimum" 100% Whey Protein


    ? C. Egg Beaters


Combine in a shaker followed by shaking or in a blender followed by blending.

Makes 1 serving.

Click here for a printable version of the 'MASSive Protein Shake' recipe.

Energy Food Bars

I made this simply because I was wondering if I could. These bars are similar to Clif bars only much more nutrient dense. They are good to make and leave in the fridge for when you are in a rush and need some food quick.


      4 C. Muesli

      ? C. Dehydrated Cranberries

      ? C. Soy Flour

      ? C. Textured Vegetable Protein (TVP)

      ? C. Wheat Bran

      ? C. Whole Wheat Flour

      ? C. Psyllium Seeds

      4 scoops

"Optimum" 100% Whey Protein


      1 T. Apple Pie Spice

      ? C. "Splenda" (Sucralose)

      2 Large Eggs

      ? C. "Egg Beaters" Liquid Egg Product

      2 C. Fat Free Milk

    ? C. Super Syrup


Mix all of the dry ingredients in a plastic bag so you can shake everything around for even dispersal. Do this shaking thing with the bag for a while but stop before the bag breaks. Be sure all of the berries and grains have been coated with the protein powders. In a bowl, whisk all of the wet ingredients together until the egg is well beaten and the Super Syrup is united in suspension? um, I mean until it is fully dissolved and no longer settling to the bottom of the bowl.

Now, in a large bowl pour the dry ingredients followed by the wet ingredients. Stir and stir and stir. Allow the grains to soak up the moisture then stir it all a little bit more. Pour the concoction into a 13" by 9" casserole dish. If you don't have that, any bake-safe container will work just don't pour the mixture thicker than 1 inch.

Worry not, the bars do not rise. Preheat oven to 300 degrees and when that is ready, bake the mix for 35 to 45 minutes. When it is done, allow the bars to cool completely before cutting. They will have a slight wet feeling until you refrigerate them? which is what you ought to do.

Makes about 12 bars.

Click here for a printable version of the 'Energy Food Bars' recipe.



I created this mixture of spices and salt to liven up my eggs. After using this mix on my eggs I started putting it on other things like grilled cheese sandwiches and all types of meat; remember the left over turkey. In my opinion, this is the ultimate do-it-all spice. But it doesn't stop there.

The composition of the spice is based on Ayurvedic and Chinese herbal medicines as well as recent research on the benefits of spices. It can do many things such as aid in digestion, raise metabolism to help burn fat, and fight off free radicals. I use Celtic Sea Salt in the mixture because it supplies a wide array of minerals and is a naturally occurring salt. When purchasing your spices, be sure that they are organic and non-irradiated. Such things will ruin the health benefits as well as compromise flavor.


      3 T. Ground Cumin

      3 T. Ground Coriander

      1 T. Ground Dried Ginger

      2 T. Ground Cayenne (90,000 H.U.)

      3 T. Ground Turmeric

      2 t. Ground Cinnamon

      2 t. Ground Nutmeg

      2 t. Ground Cloves

    5 T. Celtic Sea Salt


First, you are going to have to grind the Celtic Sea Salt yourself with a mortar and pestle. Once that is done, combine all the ingredients in a bag and shake thoroughly. Store the spice in any kind of container (shaker, jar, bowl, etc.) that is made of either glass or clay. Clay containers are preferable. Shake the ingredients together thoroughly and store away from light and moisture. Use on meat, fish, eggs, grilled sandwiches, soup, rice, or any dish that could use some extra flavor.

Click here for a printable version of the 'J-Spice' recipe.