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My Plans For Getting Bigger For My Next Contest!

Despite the fact that I was chosen over four incredible bodybuilders at Idaho's first professional show, I'm more determined than ever to put on more muscle. Here's how!

Despite the fact that I was chosen over four incredible bodybuilders at Idaho's first professional show, I'm more determined than ever to put on more muscle. But, before I discuss more about how I'm going to achieve that task, let me say a few words about my fellow competitors.

The competition was intensely fierce. Even though I feel I work as hard as anybody out there, I 'm honored to have come out on top at this show. My friend and personal training business partner, Lance Sganzini came in looking more awesome than ever. His size is always impressive, but he worked his conditioning to perfection to peak for this show. Once he becomes more comfortable on stage with his presentation, he'll be tough to place anywhere but first place. Todd Opheim is another bodybuilding friend that I've known for almost a decade now. Todd, without a doubt, has the improved physique I've ever seen… especially during the years of 1994 through 1998. He won his first overall title in 1999, followed up by defending his title and winning Idaho's first pro-qualifying show. For you readers out there who read the pre-contest Smackdown, let me say it was all in good humor. The obviously joking thing that were said were made up and should have never been taken seriously. Todd has an incredible physique. He'll be back on top before we know it.

As for the out of town competitors, Pete Pitrone from Colorado and Terry Baldwin from Montana, I thought they both looked great as well. Pete showed a great deal of class and sportsmanship by congratulating me. Terry had all the size and muscle needed to beat us all. But, in my opinion, he needed to be a little more ripped and hard. I'm very greatful to have come out on top.

The competition was on Saturday June 15th, 2002 in Boise, Idaho. Here are the full results:

  1. Mark Tilden
  2. Lance Sganzini
  3. Terry Baldwin
  4. Todd Opheim
  5. Pete Pitrone
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Video from the end of the contest.

2002 NGA Pro Atlas Video
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Now I want more. More size! More muscle! So how am I going to get it, you ask? Well, just recently I turned 35 and I'm still waiting for my light speed like metabolism to start slowing down. Meantime, I'll strive to do the basics even better.

I'll slowly bring up my protein and carbohydrates so my metabolic rate can make the adjustment. I will lift heavier so my body will compensate and repair with more muscle. I will try to get more sleep.

It's crazy at my house sometimes. I work a very busy schedule and my wife works taking care of our two kids and manages to find a million other things to get involved in. I definitely do NOT have the dream bodybuilding life. For me that would be training on a tropical private island, never missing workouts, eating the perfect amount of roasted pig and BBQ steaks with loaded potatoes. I would sleep from 2:00 a.m. to noon with a pre-workout nap just before dinner time. My cardiovascular training would be beach volleyball. And of course, would be so gracious to air mail my month's supply of creatine, glutamine, HDT Pro Blend 55 protein, Eclipse Complex 24 multi-vitamin and the best protein bars on the market, the EAS Myoplex Low Carb Bar, Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Cream flavor. But then I wake up and realize it's Monday and I need to meet with my clients for their 5:00 a.m. workout.

I've really learned to take life as it comes. As far as bodybuilding goes, I've learned to be patient with my training and actually be grateful to be happy and healthy with what God has given me to work with. There are so many people who have handicaps or sicknesses that have to struggle to get out of bed. I put life in perspective and my bodybuilding shortcomings seem insignificant.

Look for my up and coming pictures and results from a pro show I'll be competing in on November 2nd, 2002 in Salt Lake City, Utah!