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Stop The Madness: A Meal Plan That Works!

In regards to the abundance of information concerning dieting and exercise, do what works and feels good to you. You need to stick to the diet.

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Dieting can become an emotional roller coaster. There are so many viewpoints regarding the subject, many individuals find themselves inundated with information. Every other magazine on book shelves has an article written explaining there own ideas on what and how to diet and exercise to improve one's physic and energy level.

In regards to the abundance of information concerning dieting and exercise, do what works and feels good to you. You need to stick to the diet.

Commitment is important if any results are going to be noticeable. Once a week, reward yourself with a "cheat day." Do not beat yourself up about it. After a week of dieting, you deserve a day where you are "allowed" to eat what ever you want.

The following paragraphs will give you an idea of what I eat off season to maintain my physic and build muscle. This diet is not a precontest diet.


The article, Rating The Proteins from the magazine Muscle Development states,

"As the building block of muscle, protein is the most important nutrient when it comes to building."

What ever meal plan you decide to undertake, make sure there is an adequate amount of protein. Protein is essential to building muscle. Debra Wein a writer for Muscle & Fitness Hers states,

"Protein functions in the body as part of enzymes, hormones, antibodies (in the immune system) and components of tissue, especially muscle."

The more muscle you have, the less body fat you will store.

Be careful on how much protein you consume in one day. Many believe that the more protein you eat in a day, the more muscle your body will build. This is a myth. If you consume more protein than your body will utilize, the excessive protein will turn to fat. Regarding my consumption of protein in a day, I will eat about 200 grams. This is spread out into 8 meals.

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Every meal is eaten every 2-3 hours. The protein may come from lean meat, fish, tuna, egg whites, or protein shakes. Steve Blechman and Thomas Fahey, EdD wrote an article called "Build Muscle Fast! Drink A Protein Shake". In this research article they state,

"Sports scientists have discovered a nutritional technique that helps bodybuilders increase muscle size—drink a protein shake immediately after exercise."


Carbs are essential for energy. Many individuals avoid eating the adequate amount of carbs because of the misconception that it will make them over weight. What makes an individual gain weight is eating carbs excessively. Allison Young states,

"Carbs have got a bit of a bad rap since the protein craze, but carbs are our principle source of energy." Carbs are divided into three groups complex, simple, and fibrous."

Complex Carbohydrates

  • Baked potato
  • Oatmeal
  • Pasta
  • Corn
  • Sweet potato
  • Brown rice
  • Peas

Laura Mak wrote an article regarding the nutritional value oatmeal and brown rice provide. She states,

"Oatmeal is a natural grain and it gives you fiber. Brown rice is naturally grown carbohydrate that is low on the glycemic count and it gives you loads of energy."

From this group, I consume 380 calories a day. From the simple carb, I have 280 calories per day. This group consist of fruits which are very high in sugar but have nutrients needed to stay healthy.

When eating fruits, make sure you have them no later that 2pm. The last group fibrous carbohydrates, contains the green vegetables. From this last group, I have 300 calories a day. If you want to lose weight, eat a diet low in fat and high in fiber. I consume 238 calories from fat.

A quote from the research article "Lose Body Fat! Eat a High-Fiber Diet" stated,

"Twenty-five scientific studies—reviewed by Drs. M. Yao and Susan Roberts of Tufts University—showed that people on high-fiber/low-fat diets lost three times as much weight as people who ate only low-fat diet."