Getting Started In Figure Competition!

Prior to you starting a fitness/nutrition program, make sure you seek the advice of a physician.

Prior to you starting a fitness/nutrition program, make sure you seek the advice of a physician. "How do you look like that?" "What do you do to make your arms look so toned?" "What do you eat?" "How much water do you drink a day?" These are the questions I have been asked as I walk into the gym. My response is, proper diet and exercise. Without these two components working hand and hand, you will not be able to attain your goal. Determination and discipline is also required in order to accomplish the objective in mind. The following paragraphs are going to state basic ideas on what to do if you are interested in a fitness/nutrition program. Getting started or staying unhealthy

 It is Monday 5:00am and the alarm is going off. You lay in bed moaning and groining complaining about having to get up and do cardio. All these excuses start coming to mind on why you could start the cardio exercise program tomorrow instead of today. A word of advice, doing cardio first thing in the morning, will burn the fat that has accumulated in your body instead of burning the calories from the food you just ate. Always keep in mind that the longer you stay in bed, the more reasons come to mind justifying you sleeping longer and starting the cardio work out the next day. Tomorrow will never come until you are absolutely determined to make the first step to a new healthy life. The initial step in starting any fitness/nutrition program is making sure you are certain you will stay with the diet and exercise program. Consistency is the determining factor in you achieving your full potential. Furthermore, seeing your body transform from what it is now to a gorgeous and toned figure will also motivate you in wanting to stay with the program thus help you achieve your goal.

"Why do you eat so often and drink so much water?" When starting a nutritional program, it is essential to eat up to 6 to 8 meals a day every 2 to 4 hours. This regimen will speed your metabolism and allow you to burn fat and gain muscle mass. These meals consist of protein, carbohydrates, fruits, and vegetables. Proteins are the building block of muscle. Carbohydrates and fruits are two other essential nutrients needed to stay fit and live a healthy life. Vegetables are also required in order to remain healthy. For protein, I suggest chicken breast and other lean meats depending on how close you are to the competition day. Never fry always bake or broil. White rice and potatoes are excellent sources of complex carbohydrates. For fruits, you may eat strawberries, bananas, grapes, and cantaloupes.

Only the first two meals may contain fruit. Fruit is very healthy but high in sugar. For vegetables, I eat mushrooms, spinach, green and red peppers. Besides eating the above, supplements are an important part of the program. They are needed in order to gain any results. Supplements such as vitamins, will help you receive the adequate amount of nutrients needed to live a vigorous life and build muscle. To gain specific information on supplements you can read any of the major magazines. They will provide information concerning the effects and side effects of the specific supplement you are interested in taking. It is important to remember that these magazines may provide bias information depending on which supplement company is sponsoring the magazine or article you are reading.

"Wow, you are really serious about your work outs." The gym is not happy hour. It is not a place where you meet your friends to chitchat about the day. The work out will only transform your body depending on how much you put in to it. Working out does not have to be boring or unexciting. It all depends on your attitude and your drive to want to achieve the goal. For starters, I recommend finding a partner with the same will power in order for both of you to encourage and support one another. If this is impossible, do not be concerned. I have done both, worked out with a partner and I'm currently working out on my own. I exercise 3 body parts a day. Mondays, I work out chest, lower abdominal, and calves.

 The next day, I train hamstrings, biceps, and side abs. Wednesdays are my short training days. I work out delts and triceps. The following day, I train quads and inner/outer thighs. Inner and outer thighs are the hardest area for a girl to tone. So do not become discouraged if results are not immediately seen. On the final work out day, I train back, traps, and mid/upper abs. I really love working out my back. It is my favorite body part. There is nothing sexier then a woman with a muscular yet feminine looking back. Always remember to work out heavy without sacrificing form. Having proper form is essential if you want to train the body part correctly and not get injured. Also, do not forget to stretch prior to training each muscle group and after each work out. In conclusion, always remember the key to staying fit and living a healthy life is eating a proper diet and having an exercise program.

Without these two components working together, you will not be able to attain your goal. Never forget the importance of being determined to stay with the program and having discipline. These are imperative in order to accomplish the objective in mind.