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Mariam Power Interview

Occasionally someone comes along with that certain something, that certain look, which sets her apart from others right away.

Occasionally someone comes along with "that certain something", "that certain look," which sets her apart from others right away. This honor goes to World champion powerlifter Mariam Power who is impressive looking at anytime. This 5'8", 36 - 23 - 36 140-pound Canadian carries a fabulous structure with a high level of fitness modeling skill. She is a powerlifter built like a bodybuilder with fitness type looks who truly has not even scratched the surface of just how good she could be should she choose to continue in her endeavors. Miss Power has a 400-pound squat, a 275-pound bench press, and a 425-pound deadlift to her credit. Yeah, that pretty face and extraordinary body can crank the iron. Girls that lift are great! To top it she's a World Champion to beat. Lets talk to the World Champion powerlifter gone fitness.

CS: Hi Mariam, Can you tell us what nationality you are? MP: I am of Lebanese and Irish nationality. My father is Irish, my mother, Lebanese.

CS: Where did you grow up Mariam? Did you grow up with a big family? MP: I grew up in Stephenville Nfld Canada. My parents are still together, and I have one brother, 26 years old.

CS: Can you describe your family and how it was growing up for us? MP: My family is the greatest. I was brought up in a Christian family. I had a lot of fun living at home when I was young. I went to the gym with my father (my hero) and still do that with him today. We went on a lot of trips out of town with my parents because my brother and I were involved in a lot of sports. I really think my parents are the perfect role models!!! There is a lot of love in our family.

CS: Tight family. What did you do in high school? MP: Where you athletic there too? In high school, I played a lot of varsity sports. I was captain of all the teams I played for. After 14 years of age, I got chosen to play with the all-star boys soccer teams, and basketball teams. I excelled in academics. In grade 10, I completed all grade 12 courses. Playing the guitar, and singing at weddings and at school ceremonies was what I did a lot. High school was so much fun for me.

MP: KEEP THE QUESTIONS COMING! CS: I will Mariam. This is fun huh?

CS: Which sport do you like to participate in more, Powerlifting or fitness events? MP: I love the both equally because they are very rewarding, exciting, and personal! Powerlifting is what I grew up with, so it is in my blood, now that I have retired from the sport and picked up the sport of Fitness, that is where my desire is currently!

CS: Common, don't you miss competing in powerlifting? MP: Yes, I do miss competing in Powerlifting! It is a GREAT sport, very satisfying.

CS: Yeah, I miss it too. Can you give us a short outline of your training? What do you change when not getting ready for a power meet? MP: My training is very technical, but to give you a basic outline, it would look something like this on the surface:

  • Workout with weights 4x/week
  • Different aspects of endurance/power and speed training 6x/week.
I've actually never met anyone that has a similar program and what it entails that my father and Dr. Sal Arria have designed for me. It's neat stuff!

CS: You do a lot of work. Six days a week of lifting combined with other training. When do you take a break? MP: Sundays are my break days. My boyfriend takes me out for a morning brunch, which is used as our cheat meal. We sit there for a long time eating and chatting about our future goals. Then we go for a walk or a roller blade, and then off to the grocery store to get everything we need for the next week. Then we usually go home, relax, watch a movie, and then if it's nice out still, we go play a game of 21's! As you can probably tell, we really enjoy each other's company a great deal!

CS: Mariam, you told me earlier you missed powerlifting, do you think we'll see you on the platform again? MP: Yes, I really do miss Powerlifting. The most part missed I would have to say is training for something like the world championships with my dad, and going to an event such as this with him coaching me. My father is a phenomenal athlete, and he is so much fun to hang out with. Also, when I was Powerlifting, I'd go to Santa Barbara for some unreal training through Dr. Sal Arria, from the ISSA, and I totally miss these trips! Needless to say, these two men played 95% in my life as a World champion Powerlifter!!! Right now I do not see myself back on the Platform, but you can never say never right!

CS: Being so athletic and goal minded do you for see yourself ever stop competing? MP: No, I do not ever see myself not competing. Competition is something that makes me feel very good. I have goals to compete even when I reach my 40's!

CS: Mariam, sounds like your dreading the big 4-0? MP: I am having such a wonderful time in my 20's. I wish I could stay this age forever. The older I get however, the better shape I want to stay. My mother is 45 years old, and she is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen for her age. If I turn out like her, then I will look forward to my 40's!

CS: How long have you and your boyfriend been together? Are you two planning marriage yet? MP: My boyfriend Scott and I have been together for only nine months, but we've known each other for 5 years, and used to hang out as only friends. I always thought him to be a very special person. The only difference is that we are now boyfriend and girlfriend, and the unique thing is, we are best friends. The spark is definitely there, and I feel I have met the person I am supposed to be with. Yes, I do want to get married, and Scott has told me that someday in the future when I least expect it, he is going to do a surprise proposal! He is always going out of his way doing extra special things for me, and surprising me all the time. I used to be nervous of the thought of marriage because I hadn't yet fallen in true love. I think when you find someone who is your soul mate and absolute best friend like Scott is to me, thinking of spending the rest of your life with that person is such a wonderful thing!!! I think what we have is hard to find.

CS: What is your favorite binge out food when you're not prepping for a contest? MP: My favorite binge food in the off-season is a regular, everyday menu breakfast. This would consist of pancakes, bacon, eggs, and coffee w/ cream and sugar! This is a real treat for me.

CS: You kind of gave us a short run down of your workout, but what specific technical exercises do you add to your weekly workout? MP: My workout does have a lot to it. Dr. Sal Arria (executive Director of the ISSA) and my father have put together a competitive fitness and nutritional regimen that I stick to religiously. The only difference is now I am training for a Ms. World Tri-Fitness show, not a Powerlifting meet. I train in periods of 3-week mesocycles, beginning 12 weeks out. I am however keeping in my ever so important exercises like deadlifts, squats, and bench press in my program. The intensity of my program is high, but not high in poundage's. I am concentrating a lot on muscular endurance now, and it involves a lot of aspects of fitness. I would have to say it is more time consuming than Powerlifting, however it is still very intense training. Believe it or not, we are incorporating closely to a program designed by Dr.Arria and Dr. Fred Hatfield that is layout precisely in their ISSA personal trainers book. When I took the personal trainers course from the ISSA, I received that same study book, and we are going by that same program, only difference is that is has been personalized for me!!! It is the BEST secret shall we say.

CS: Thanks Top-secret girl, James Bond has nothing on you Mrs. Power. So, the next time you think of the word "Power," you'll remember what image should fallow that expression. An impressive 36 - 23 - 36, 140-pound Canadian has power many of us wish we could handle. Whether she is doing fitness competitions or modeling swimsuits, Mariam Power will always be a powerlifter at heart with bodybuilder looks who's beauty is commanding. Miss Power, keep the muscle you look fantastic.

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