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Survival Of The Fittest!

Fitness enthusiasts such as myself and others are the future of the world. Our way of thinking is creating heroes and survivors for tomorrow's world battles, successes and defeats. Read on to get pshyched-up for the future of healthier bodies!

I love not only because it has great products and great articles ... I love it because I am part of a community of people who are just like me: anal as hell and serious as f*ck when it comes to training. I wrote this article because I want to proudly put out there how special it is to be part of a strong network of hardcore enthusiasts.

I invite anyone who has the capability to become motivated by the contents of's featured authors to get out of their cozy computer chair and finally firm the ass they've been sitting on (for how many years?). Once you feel the power of your inner self, there truly is no turning back.

Fitness enthusiasts such as myself and others are the future of the world. Our way of thinking is creating heroes and survivors for tomorrow's world battles, successes, and defeats. I know this because according to Charles Darwin, and the natural evolution of the universe, the fittest in the world will survive.

The following contents of this article describes reasons why I am firm in my premise that our community of fitness enthusiasts are and will continue to be, the future super humans of the world.

We Appreciate Life By Respecting Ourselves.

While it is evident that we are all fit and hold physical strength that 'normal' people don't possess, we also hold an inner strength because of the resilience, dedication, discipline, and the drive we endure. Many of those who have competed or consciously trained for several years would agree: getting in shape is the easy part and staying in shape is the hard part.

Use It Or Lose It

    The reason why maintaining is hard is the same reason why appreciating life and the people you love and the things you already possess is hard.

    Maintaining is hard because we already have what we want, the true strength of character comes from keeping what you have. Keeping what you have requires a certain level of daily appreciation for the things that you possess.

    I think one of the saddest realizations in one's life is receiving a special gift such as a relationship, expensive car, or a diamond ring and realizing that when it becomes part of your daily routine you will not appreciate it for the original value during the time when you first received the gift.

    Constant physical training reminds us that if we don't use it ... we will lose it. It is inevitable that we will all one day lose it.

    Our bodies will start working in nature's favor, and we will wish we had used what we had, when we had it. We respect ourselves because we monitor what we feed our body; how we nurture our body (we treat our body with respect).

    Fitness enthusiasts know that we have it and we show appreciation every time we step into the gym or fork chicken breast in our mouth.

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We Transform Negative Energy Into Positive Energy

Let's face it. Our world is a mean, ruthless, unforgiving place to live in. And when you are different, (like many fitness enthusiasts tend to be since being overweight has become the 'norm') then this difference creates tension between you and others.

Due to your choice in lifestyle, energy is directed towards you in a positive or negative way: they give it to you when they stare at you, when they talk about you, when they admire you or even hate you.

While you are special in that aspect, you are not special in the aspect that all humans have negative energy attacking them. The difference here is you channel the energy into yourself and you release a positive energy.

Being able to define and separate bad energies when they arise takes skill and conscious effort. For example, recently I visited home, and my parents were fighting. My mother began screaming at me and was yelling at the dog outside.

I told her the dog didn't do anything wrong and she is confusing him. What is the point here? Humans confuse each other because they tend to take their negative emotions and attack other things without validity or reason.

True Control Lies Within

    As fitness enthusiasts, we understand that the only thing we control is our mind, body and spirit. If we allow others to affect us internally, they have won their battle to "control" a reaction out of us.

    When they 'lose' control in other areas, which is usually an outside stimulus creating instability in their emotions, then they attack other 'things' so they can feel better about themselves.

    Naturally, because fitness enthusiasts are 'different' we are easy targets and much easier to blame for altering people's emotions: the emotion fitness enthusiasts usually generate from other's is insecurity.

    Instead of taking the negative energy from others, reacting negatively and trying to punish others because of our emotional instability, we take that pain and channel it to the dumbbells in the gym. We run it out on the track. We punish ourselves. We punish ourselves for even allowing that negative energy to get into our psyche.

Do You Think Fitness Enthusiasts Have An Advantage Over Others When It Comes To Emotional Pain?

Yes, The Gym Is A Perfect Way To Release Negative Energy.
No, Dealing With The Pain Directly Is Far More Effective.

We Understand That Life Is Hard.

It truly is a pity that most Americans enjoy watching television shows that make things in life appear easy. Rarely will you be trapped for two months with 25 good-looking and successful people to choose a mate from ... or have $200,000 to get everything nipped and tucked so you can look like a different person in less than three months. It is a pity that we enjoy watching people who were born rich and eat sh*t for $50,000 dollars.

How Much "Reality" TV Do We Watch?
At the time of this publication, the Nielsen Media Research reported three reality TV shows holding positions in the top ten most watched shows in America. Between the three, over 47 million households were watching.

We understand life because the first rule in life is that life is hard. This is precisely why so many people are overweight and in bad health in America. Most people are in constant search for the 'easy' approach to changing their bodies.

When people ask me what my secret is, I tell them that getting in really good shape is really hard. But the reward is, if you do it long enough, it becomes easy, because you begin to create habits that make it easier.

I don't know of anything in life, whether achieving a college education, owning your own business, or maintaining a lasting marriage, that doesn't take a level of dedication, consistency, focus, commitment and hard work.

Physical training teaches us that you must have all of those characteristics in order to be successful of what you do in anything.

What We Create Today, Benefits Our Kids Tomorrow.

Maybe when we die we won't have $10 Million dollars to pass on to our kids to provide them with a better financial future. But what we can give them is something that costs nothing. We are giving our children the genes that we created today. We are giving our kids 'warrior' genes.

Studies have found that genetics plays at least 25-30% of the role in our chances of becoming overweight in our lifetimes. In a hundred years what we create today when we work hard and maintain a strong, lean and healthy physique, our kids will then benefit from in the future.

Our spiritual strength and devotion to hard work and progress is going to be inherited by our kids. They will grow up with a foundation that will keep them strong when life becomes difficult and shaky.

They will understand our lessons that are instilled within us; that when life throws you curve balls, the only thing you can do is hit it with your best shot. They will know that they shouldn't get mad when being thrown a hard ball. They'll know to trust their instincts as a player and play the game of life to win.

We Choose The Road Less Traveled.

In our lives, the most important thing we are able to exercise is 'free will.' If there are fries or carrots, (as a human being with natural desires to eat fattening, delicious foods), I would want the fries.

But because I choose to create a path of success tailored to my personal desire to be my very best, I will choose the carrots. While other people are at ball games eating hotdogs and chili cheese nachos, we are still at the ball game (I bet some of you thought I'd say the gym) but instead of eating and drinking, we're enjoying a fun game without extra, external stimuli to help us enjoy the moment.

22,000 Seats Lost In Yankee Stadium Due To Obesity!
Yankee Stadium was built during the 1920s with about 82,000 seats. After remodeling during the 1970s the seating was only 59,000. During that 50-year period, the American bottom had widened from 14 inches to 19 inches. Patrons at the Mickey Mantle restaurant in New York, where a few of the original seats were installed, have found them to be a tight fit.

We choose to be different. We choose to make life a little more difficult because we get antsy when we are walking down the same road as others and when we ask the person next to us where they are going and they don't even know.

We actually like to know where we're going. We not only want to dictate our path, we are willing to challenge our spirit by creating new paths.

Fitness competitors, fitness enthusiasts, bodybuilders, all understand the heart and soul it takes to be challenged by everyday 'normal' people who don't understand why you would purposely 'hurt' yourself in the gym, or eat foods that are not salty, sweet, or greasy, when you can be 'happy' and 'content' like them. We like to travel alone ... with a few real friends, some chicken breasts and some wine for the ride of course.

My Personal Hope.

I know that everyone who comes across this site has come here for a specific reason: to get inspired. Inspiration comes in the form of training articles, transformation articles, motivational techniques, and scientific research studies.

More importantly, inspiration comes from the person behind the words of the articles you are reading. The person who is so passionate about the field they are in decided to create a web site and motivate others through their stories of transformation, and battles of training.

My hope is that whoever reads these articles does not feel alone. I hope he/she feels more empowered because they feel that they are part of a larger community of people who are just like him/her. I hope that these words weren't written in vain, but written so that it can create a ripple effect in our world, a world which is full of high speed, wide spread, information technology.

I hope that "our people" spread like a virus and create a world full of strong, healthy, excited, vibrant and dedicated human beings who understand the meaning of what it takes to live with passion.

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