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Accelerate Your Goals With S.P.E.E.D.

Even though the holiday season has begun, fitness enthusiasts aren't covered by sweaters, scarves and jackets all winter long. Effectively and efficiently hit your short term goals with S.P.E.E.D. - 5 steps to getting fit in record speed!

While attending parties this weekend, I had a craving for Christmas cookies and a big glass of cold beer. All of a sudden, my cravings disappeared when the winter temperature reminded me that winter "grazing" season had just begun, and I was getting attacked by the holiday temptations.

No Drinking And Training!
Today I am going to list some reasons why you should not consume alcohol, or why you should moderate your intake. This will be especially true for bodybuilders. Learn more about the effects of alcohol right here.
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Even though the holiday season has begun, fitness enthusiasts aren't covered by sweaters, scarves and jackets all winter long. When we train, our whole body is in "summer zone" when we wear tight shirts, dry fit pants and arm bearing tang tops at the gym. 2008 is coming in less than a month, so it is now more pertinent than ever to find your motivation and take action ... right now!

I am not prescribing a "new way of losing weight," instead; I'm promoting a new way of programming your success. Besides evaluating your internal psychology that moves you into action, you absolutely have to start taking programmed action towards a specific direction.


S.P.E.E.D is an acronym I created years ago and stands for:

    Setting the goal
    Planning the attack
    Envisioning the journey
    Executing the plan
    Delivering the results

In order to suffice our short term satisfactions in this upcoming summer season, let's focus on the next 30 days before New Years to kick start a new mental plan, a plan which will ultimately transform your body and your execution outlook for holidays to come.

Set The Goal:

    Set a motivation defined by you and your personality type. Are you competitive? Do you want to impress people? Do you want to look great for an upcoming event? You have to figure out your motivation and write down a specific goal.

What's Your Goal? What Is Your Goal?

Is Your Goal Not Listed?
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Plan The Attack:

    Create a blueprint of what you will need in order to successfully navigate to your goals. For women, I highly suggest you not only purchase high quality foods and prepare an intense workout program, but also equip your cupboards with protein, glutamine, multivitamins , and fat loss supplements for an extra kick in your fat burning potential.

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Envision The Journey:

Execute The Plan:

    Taking action means waking up tomorrow and planning your 5 meals, training that full hour, taking your supplements and getting enough water and sleep. When you fail to capitalize on each new minute, always remember that nothing happens unless something happens.

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Nothing Happens Unless
Something Happens.

Deliver The Results:

    Coming full circle on any dream/thought/desire means being able to manifest your thoughts into an action and ultimately a physical result. After you complete a full cycle of what essentially "speeds" your goal-setting process, you WILL see results.

Maria Kang!
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Fitness Model & Podcaster!
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In any Fitness Battle you engage in, it is absolutely key to know the objective, acquire the tools, design the blueprint and visualize the steps towards the end result.

As I was tempted today, I knew I needed to create a plan that serviced my need for immediate gratification. In order to gain more "speed" toward the delivery of my goals, I had to break the program down into weeks, days, hours ...

Damned Diets And Temptation!
I'm sitting here while my roomates are eating a pizza with God knows what kind of treasures on it, a chicken and fried rice concoction and salsbury steaks and garlic mashed potatoes. Im going to take some melatonin and down a casein shake and hopefully it'll all go away! - sugicalmike.
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Managing long and short term intervals will feed your need for quick satisfaction. Eventually you will become your own winner when you walk onto that beach, or into that family picnic or inside that black dress with high esteem and body confidence.

Own your success this summer by utilizing the S.P.E.E.D. module to get you fit at your fastest record yet! Good Luck!

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Eventually You Will
Become Your Own Winner.