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Fitness Cure Podcast By Maria Kang: Episode #5 - Eryk Bui Interview.

The Fitness Cure Podcast features everyone's favorite fitness expert, Maria Kang. Listen in this week as she interviews Newly-Retired IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Eryk Bui about his recent engagement to Laura Coleman and his decision to retire from bodybuilding!

Show #5: Eryk Bui

Welcome to Episode #5 of Maria Kang's Fitness Cure podcast series. This week your beautiful and talented hostess, Maria Kang, teams up with newly-retired IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Eryk Bui to talk about pro bodybuilding and why he retired.

Eryk Bui Eryk Bui
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Newly-Retired IFBB Pro
Bodybuilder, Eryk Bui.

Eryk Bui just recently placed 8th in the Under 210 Class at the 2007 Europa Pro show! Listen in to what Eryk has to say about his recent "meltdown," steroids, GH and insulin, diuretics, MuscleMania, genetics, freaks, politics,, Bob Cicherillo, Shawn Ray, Kevin Levrone, the 2007 Europa, the direction of bodybuilding, and his lovely fiancé Laura Coleman!

Eryk Bui
Eryk Bui & Maria Kang.

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Maria Kang & Eryk Bui:
IFBB Pro Bodybuilding, The Fitness Industry, & Retirement!

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