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Fitness Cure Podcast By Maria Kang: Episode #2 - Sandra Augustin.

The Fitness Cure Podcast features's favorite fitness expert, Maria Kang. Listen in as she interviews friends and industry leaders. This episode: Fitness Champion Sandra Augustin and the 2007 Hero Challenge!

Show #2: Sandra Augustin

Welcome to Episode #2 of Maria Kang's The Fitness Cure podcast series. This week your beautiful host, Miss Maria Kang, teams up with Fitness Competitor Sandra Augustin to talk about her experiences competing in different associations, sport aerobics, role models, and much, much more!

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Fitness Competitor Sandra Augustin.

Sandra Augustin is now 40 years young, and has competed in various fitness competitions for nearly 20 years. She's competed in the following:

  • Fitness USA
  • Fitness America
  • NPC (Fitness)
  • WTF (2005 World Winner)
  • Sport Aerobics

Sandra helps coordinate the MET-Rx Hero Challenge each year, is married to NPC Bodybuilder Chad Augustin, and is a Master Trainer for 24 Hour Fitness.

Hear all about Sandra's MET-Rx Hero Challenge taking place in Sacramento, CA this weekend (June 23, 2007), the various stages of a woman's body through the years, and blackwater rafting in New Zealand!

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Come Join Us At The Hero Challenge!

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Maria Kang & Sandra Augustin:
Don't Be A Couch Potato, Be A Hero!

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